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What are Abjurations? - Obtaining an Abjuration - Obtaining a Cursed Item - Removing the Curse
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Corvine - Foreboding - Lenitive - Supernal - Transitory
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What are Abjurations?[edit]

Abjurations are items that are necessary to remove curses from pieces of cursed armor or food, thereby making it usable by the player. These un-cursed items are often very nice pieces of gear that are highly sought-after by players. The abjurations, of course, are often difficult to obtain. They mostly drop from high level Notorious Monsters that are usually only killable with a group of people, but they can also drop from Einherjar. Then, if the abjuration drops, only one member of the group will be able to have it. Needless to say, some abjurations can be very difficult to obtain.

Obtaining an Abjuration[edit]

As previously stated, abjurations are typically dropped from monsters that require high level alliances. Abjurations are Exclusive so they are limited to people who aided in defeating the HNMs that drop them. Some abjurations have a better drop rate than others. Einherjar also drops several abjurations. The exact possible abjurations, their drop rates and whether they are specific to certain bosses, chambers, or wings are unknown as of yet, although at least 2 sets are obtainable only in Einherjar. Abjurations for body armor have yet to be confirmed for wings I and II.

Obtaining a Cursed / Hexed Item[edit]

Cursed items are crafted by high-level crafters. The high quality versions of these items have a "-1", as opposed to the typical "+1". Cursed items cannot be equipped or used until the curse has been lifted by using the corresponding abjuration. You can find the cursed items from Cursed Items in the Others section of the Auction House, or find a crafter with the appropriate skills and possibly commission them to craft the cursed piece for you.

How to Remove the Curse[edit]

Go to the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria and talk with Alphollon C Meriard at L-6 (in the Manuscript Room). He will offer to perform a ceremony to purify any cursed item you have; trade him both the abjuration item and the appropriate cursed item to receive the usable armor or consumable item.

Abjuration Sets[edit]

Abyssal (Apogee/Apogee +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Abyssal Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Crown / Voodoo Crown Apogee Crown / Apogee Crown +1
Abyssal Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Dalmatica / Voodoo Dalmatica Apogee Dalmatica / Apogee Dalmatica +1
Abyssal Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Mitts / Voodoo Mitts Apogee Mitts / Apogee Mitts +1
Abyssal Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Slacks / Voodoo Slacks Apogee Slacks / Apogee Slacks +1
Abyssal Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Pumps / Voodoo Pumps Apogee Pumps / Apogee Pumps +1

Jobs: Lv. 99 SMN

Arean (Ryuo/Ryuo +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Arean Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Somen / Jinxed Somen Ryuo Somen / Ryuo Somen +1
Arean Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Domaru / Jinxed Domaru Ryuo Domaru / Ryuo Domaru +1
Arean Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Kote / Jinxed Kote Ryuo Tekko / Ryuo Tekko +1
Arean Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Hakama / Jinxed Hakama Ryuo Hakama / Ryuo Hakama +1
Arean Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Sune-ate / Jinxed Sune-ate Ryuo Sune-ate / Ryuo Sune-ate +1

Jobs: Lv. 99 MNK / SAM / NIN / PUP

Aquarian (Zenith/Zenith +1)[edit]

Zenith Gear

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Aquarian Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Cursed Crown
Cursed Crown -1
Zenith Crown Rare.pngExclusive.png
Zenith Crown +1 Rare.pngExclusive.png
Aquarian Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Cursed Dalmatica
Cursed Dalmatica -1
Dalmatica Rare.pngExclusive.png
Dalmatica +1 Rare.pngExclusive.png
Aquarian Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Cursed Mitts
Cursed Mitts -1
Zenith Mitts Rare.pngExclusive.png
Zenith Mitts +1 Rare.pngExclusive.png
Aquarian Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Cursed Slacks
Cursed Slacks -1
Zenith Slacks Rare.pngExclusive.png
Zenith Slacks +1 Rare.pngExclusive.png
Aquarian Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Cursed Pumps
Cursed Pumps -1
Zenith Pumps Rare.pngExclusive.png
Zenith Pumps +1 Rare.pngExclusive.png

Jobs: Lv. 73 WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN

Bushin (Souveran/Souveran +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Bushin Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Schaller / Voodoo Schaller Souveran Schaller / Souveran Schaller +1
Bushin Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Cuirass / Voodoo Cuirass Souveran Cuirass / Souveran Cuirass +1
Bushin Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Handschuhs / Voodoo Handschuhs Souveran Handschuhs / Souveran Handschuhs +1
Bushin Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Diechlings / Voodoo Diechlings Souveran Diechlings / Souveran Diechlings +1
Bushin Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Schuhs / Voodoo Schuhs Souveran Schuhs / Souveran Schuhs +1


Corvine (Hrafn/Huginn)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Corvine Abjuration: Head Hexed Coronet
Hexed Coronet -1
Hrafn Coronet
Huginn Coronet
Corvine Abjuration: Body Hexed Haubert
Hexed Haubert -1
Hrafn Haubert
Huginn Haubert
Corvine Abjuration: Hands Hexed Gauntlets
Hexed Gauntlets -1
Hrafn Gauntlets
Huginn Gauntlets
Corvine Abjuration: Legs Hexed Hose
Hexed Hose
Hrafn Hose
Huginn Hose
Corvine Abjuration: Feet Hexed Gambieras
Hexed Gambieras -1
Hrafn Gambieras
Huginn Gambieras

Jobs: Lv. 99 WAR / PLD / DRK / BST / DRG

Cronian (Emicho/Emicho +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Cronian Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Coronet / Jinxed Coronet Emicho Coronet / Emicho Coronet +1
Cronian Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Haubert / Jinxed Haubert Emicho Haubert / Emicho Haubert +1
Cronian Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Gauntlets / Jinxed Gauntelts Emicho Gauntlets / Emicho Gauntelts +1
Cronian Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Hose / Jinxed Hose Emicho Hose / Emicho Hose +1
Cronian Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Gambieras / Jinxed Gambieras Emicho Gambieras / Emicho Gambieras +1


Cyllenian (Kaykaus/Kaykaus +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Cyllenian Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Mitra / Jinxed Mitra Kaykaus Mitra / Kaykaus Mitra +1
Cyllenian Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Bliaut / Jinxed Bliaut Kaykaus Bliaut / Kaykaus Bliaut +1
Cyllenian Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Cuffs / Jinxed Cuffs Kaykaus Cuffs / Kaykaus Cuffs +1
Cyllenian Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Tights / Jinxed Tights Kaykaus Tights / Kaykaus Tights +1
Cyllenian Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Boots / Jinxed Boots Kaykaus Boots / Kaukaus Boots +1


Dryadic (Shura/Shura +1)[edit]

Shura Gear

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Dryadic Abjuration: Head Cursed Kabuto
Cursed Kabuto -1
Shura Zunari Kabuto
Shura Zunari Kabuto +1
Dryadic Abjuration: Body Cursed Togi
Cursed Togi -1
Shura Togi
Shura Togi +1
Dryadic Abjuration: Hands Cursed Kote
Cursed Kote -1
Shura Kote
Shura Kote +1
Dryadic Abjuration: Legs Cursed Haidate
Cursed Haidate -1
Shura Haidate
Shura Haidate +1
Dryadic Abjuration: Feet Cursed Sune-Ate
Cursed Sune-Ate -1
Shura Sune-Ate
Shura Sune-Ate +1

Jobs: Level 73 MNK / SAM / NIN

Earthen (Adaman/Armada)[edit]

Adaman Gear

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Earthen Abjuration: Head Cursed Celata
Cursed Celata -1
Adaman Celata
Armada Celata
Earthen Abjuration: Body Cursed Hauberk
Cursed Hauberk -1
Adaman Hauberk
Armada Hauberk
Earthen Abjuration: Hands Cursed Mufflers
Cursed Mufflers -1
Adaman Mufflers
Armada Mufflers
Earthen Abjuration: Legs Cursed Breeches
Cursed Breeches -1
Adaman Breeches
Armada Breeches
Earthen Abjuration: Feet Cursed Sollerets
Cursed Sollerets -1
Adaman Sollerets
Armada Sollerets

Jobs: Level 73 WAR / DRK / BST

Foreboding (Auspex/Spurrina)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Foreboding Abjuration: Head Hexed Coif / Hexed Coif -1 Auspex Coif / Spurrina Coif
Foreboding Abjuration: Body Hexed Doublet / Hexed Doublet -1 Auspex Doublet / Spurrina Doublet
Foreboding Abjuration: Hands Hexed Gages / Hexed Gages -1 Auspex Gages / Spurrina Gages
Foreboding Abjuration: Legs Hexed Slops / Hexed Slops -1 Auspex Slops / Spurrina Slops
Foreboding Abjuration: Feet Hexed Nails / Hexed Nails -1 Auspex Nails / Spurrina Nails

Jobs: Lv. 99 BLM / RDM / SMN / BLU / SCH

Grove (Rao/Rao +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Grove Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Kabuto / Voodoo Kabuto Rao Kabuto / Rao Kabuto +1
Grove Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Togi / Voodoo Togi Rao Togi / Rao Togi +1
Grove Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Kote / Voodoo Kote Rao Kote / Rao Kote +1
Grove Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Haidate / Voodoo Haidate Rao Haidate / Rao Haidate +1
Grove Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Sune-Ate / Voodoo Sune-ate Rao Sune-ate / Rao Sune-ate +1

Jobs: Lv. 99 MNK / SAM / NIN / PUP

Hadean (Shadow/Valkyrie)[edit]


Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Hadean Abjuration: Head Cursed Hat / Cursed Hat -1 Shadow Hat / Valkyrie's Hat
Hadean Abjuration: Body Cursed Coat / Cursed Coat -1 Shadow Coat / Valkyrie's Coat
Hadean Abjuration: Hands Cursed Cuffs / Cursed Cuffs -1 Shadow Cuffs / Valkyrie's Cuffs
Hadean Abjuration: Legs Cursed Trews / Cursed Trews -1 Shadow Trews / Valkyrie's Trews
Hadean Abjuration: Feet Cursed Clogs / Cursed Clogs -1 Shadow Clogs / Valkyrie's Clogs

Jobs: Level 75 WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN

Jovian (Adhemar/Adhemar +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Jovian Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Bonnet/Jinxed Bonnet Adhemar Bonnet/Adhemar Bonnet +1
Jovian Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Jacket/Jinxed Jacket Adhemar Jacket/Adhemar Jacket +1
Jovian Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Wristbands/Jinxed Wristbands Adhemar Wristbands/Adhemar Wristbands +1
Jovian Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Kecks/Jinxed Kecks Adhemar Kecks/Adhemar Kecks +1
Jovian Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Gamashes/Jinxed Gamashes Adhemar Gamashes/Adhemar Gamashes +1

Jobs:Level 99 MNK / THF / RNG / NIN / BLU / COR / DNC / RUN


Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Lenitive Abjuration: Head Hexed Mitra / Hexed Mitra -1 Paean Mitra / Iaso Mitra
Lenitive Abjuration: Body Hexed Bliaut / Hexed Bliaut -1 Paean Bliaut / Iaso Bliaut
Lenitive Abjuration: Hands Hexed Cuffs / Hexed Cuffs -1 Paean Cuffs / Iaso Cuffs
Lenitive Abjuration: Legs Hexed Tights / Hexed Tights -1 Paean Tights / Iaso Tights
Lenitive Abjuration: Feet Hexed Boots / Hexed Boots -1 Paean Boots / Iaso Boots

Jobs: Lv. 99 WHM / RDM / BRD / SCH

Martial (Koenig/Kaiser)[edit]

Koenig Gear

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Martial Abjuration: Head Cursed Schaller / Cursed Schaller -1 Koenig Schaller / Kaiser Schaller
Martial Abjuration: Body Cursed Cuirass / Cursed Cuirass -1 Koenig Cuirass / Kaiser Cuirass
Martial Abjuration: Hands Cursed Handschuhs / Cursed Handschuhs -1 Koenig Handschuhs / Kaiser Handschuhs
Martial Abjuration: Legs Cursed Diechlings / Cursed Diechlings -1 Koenig Diechlings / Kaiser Diechlings
Martial Abjuration: Feet Cursed Schuhs / Cursed Schuhs -1 Koenig Schuhs / Kaiser Schuhs

Jobs: Level 73 WAR / PLD

Neptunal (Hecatomb/Hecatomb +1)[edit]

Hecatomb Gear

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Neptunal Abjuration: Head Cursed Cap / Cursed Cap -1 Hecatomb Cap / Hecatomb Cap +1
Neptunal Abjuration: Body Cursed Harness / Cursed Harness -1 Hecatomb Harness / Hecatomb Harness +1
Neptunal Abjuration: Hands Cursed Gloves / Cursed Gloves -1 Hecatomb Mittens / Hecatomb Mittens +1
Neptunal Abjuration: Legs Cursed Subligar / Cursed Subligar -1 Hecatomb Subligar / Hecatomb Subligar +1
Neptunal Abjuration: Feet Cursed Leggings / Cursed Leggings -1 Hecatomb Leggings / Hecatomb Leggings +1

Jobs: Level 73 WAR / THF / PLD / DRK / BST / BRD / DRG

Phantasmal (Shadow/Valkyrie)[edit]


Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Phantasmal Abjuration: Head Cursed Helm / Cursed Helm -1 Shadow Helm / Valkyrie's Helm
Phantasmal Abjuration: Body Cursed Breastplate / Cursed Breastplate -1 Shadow Breastplate / Valkyrie's Breastplate
Phantasmal Abjuration: Hands Cursed Gauntlets / Cursed Gauntlets -1 Shadow Gauntlets / Valkyrie's Gauntlets
Phantasmal Abjuration: Legs Cursed Cuishes / Cursed Cuishes -1 Shadow Cuishes / Valkyrie's Cuishes
Phantasmal Abjuration: Feet Cursed Sabatons / Cursed Sabatons -1 Shadow Sabatons / Valkyrie's Sabatons

Jobs: Level 75 WAR / PLD / DRK

Shinryu (Carmine/Carmine +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Shinryu Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Mask / Voodoo Mask Carmine Mask / Carmine Mask +1
Shinryu Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Mail / Voodoo Mail Carmine Mail / Carmine Mail +1
Shinryu Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Finger Gauntelts / Voodoo Finger Gauntlets Carmine Finger Gauntlets / Carmine Finger Gauntlets +1
Shinryu Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Cuisses / Voodoo Cuisses Carmine Cuisses / Carmine Cuisses +1
Shinryu Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Greaves / Voodoo Greaves Carmine Greaves / Carmine Greaves +1


Supernal (Tenryu/Tenryu +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Supernal Abjuration: Head Hexed Somen / Hexed Somen -1 Tenryu Somen / Tenryu Somen +1
Supernal Abjuration: Body Hexed Domaru / Hexed Domaru -1 Tenryu Domaru / Tenryu Domaru +1
Supernal Abjuration: Hands Hexed Tekko / Hexed Tekko -1 Tenryu Tekko / Tenryu Tekko +1
Supernal Abjuration: Legs Hexed Hakama / Hexed Hakama -1 Tenryu Hakama / Tenryu Hakama +1
Supernal Abjuration: Feet Hexed Sune-Ate / Hexed Sune-Ate -1 Tenryu Sune-Ate / Tenryu Sune-Ate +1

Jobs: Lv. 99 MNK / SAM / NIN / PUP


Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Transitory Abjuration: Head Hexed Bonnet / Hexed Bonnet -1 Kheper Bonnet / Khepri Bonnet
Transitory Abjuration: Body Hexed Jacket / Hexed Jacket -1 Kheper Jacket / Khepri Jacket
Transitory Abjuration: Hands Hexed Wristbands / Hexed wristbands -1 Kheper Wristbands / Khepri Wristbands
Transitory Abjuration: Legs Hexed Kecks / Hexed Kecks -1 Kheper Kecks / Khepri Kecks
Transitory Abjuration: Feet Hexed Gamashes / Hexed Gamashes -1 Kheper Gamashes / Khepri Gamashes

Jobs: Lv. 99 MNK / THF / RNG / NIN / BLU / COR / DNC

Triton (Lustratio/Lustratio +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Triton Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Cap / Voodoo Cap Lustratio Cap / Lustratio Cap +1
Triton Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Harness / Voodoo Harness Lustratio Harness / Lustratio Harness +1
Triton Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Gloves / Voodoo Gloves Lustratio Mitts / Lustratio Mitts +1
Triton Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Subligar / Voodoo Subligar Lustratio Subligar / Lustratio Subligar +1
Triton Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Leggings / Voodoo Leggings Lustratio Leggings / Lustratio Leggings +1


Vale (Argosy/Argosy +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Vale Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Celata / Voodoo Celata Argosy Celata / Argosy Celata +1
Vale Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Hauberk / Voodoo Hauberk Argosy Hauberk / Argosy Hauberk +1
Vale Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Mufflers / Voodoo Mufflers Argosy Mufflers / Argosy Mufflers +1
Vale Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Breeches / Voodoo Breeches Argosy Breeches / Argosy Breeches +1
Vale Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Bewitched Sollerets / Voodoo Sollerets Argosy Sollerets / Argosy Sollerets +1


Venerian (Amalric/Amalric +1)[edit]

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Venerian Abjuration: Head Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Coif / Jinxed Coif Amalric Coif / Amalric Coif +1
Venerian Abjuration: Body Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Doublet / Jinxed Doublet Amalric Doublet / Amalric Doublet +1
Venerian Abjuration: Hands Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Gages / Jinxed Gages Amalric Gages / Amalric Gages +1
Venerian Abjuration: Legs Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Slops / Jinxed Slops Amalric Slops / Amalric Slops +1
Venerian Abjuration: Feet Rare.pngExclusive.png Vexed Nails / Jinxed Nails Amalric Nails / Amalric Nails +1


Wyrmal (Crimson/Blood)[edit]

Crimson Gear

Abjuration Cursed Item Armor
Wyrmal Abjuration: Head Cursed Mask / Cursed Mask -1 Crimson Mask / Blood Mask
Wyrmal Abjuration: Body Cursed Mail / Cursed Mail -1 Crimson Scale Mail / Blood Scale Mail
Wyrmal Abjuration: Hands Cursed Finger Gauntlets / Cursed Finger Gauntlets -1 Crimson Finger Gauntlets / Blood Finger Gauntlets
Wyrmal Abjuration: Legs Cursed Cuisses / Cursed Cuisses -1 Crimson Cuisses / Blood Cuisses
Wyrmal Abjuration: Feet Cursed Greaves / Cursed Greaves -1 Crimson Greaves / Blood Greaves

Jobs: Level 73 RDM / PLD / DRK / RNG / DRG / BLU / COR

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