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SW Apollyon

Drop Chart[edit]

Item (Job) Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4
Ancient Brass (MNK) Unknown Unknown Unknown More data needed.(28%)
Argyro Rivet (WAR) Unknown More data needed.(7.1%) More data needed.(2.2%) Unknown
Astral Leather (SMN) Unknown More data needed.(25%) Unknown Unknown
Benedict Yarn (WHM) More data needed.(10.3%) Unknown More data needed.(2.2%) Unknown
Black Rivet (DRK) More data needed.(27.6%) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Blue Rivet (DRG) More data needed.(10.3%) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Brown Doeskin (BRD) More data needed.(44.8%) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Canvas Toile (COR) Unknown More data needed.(42.9%) Unknown Unknown
Cardinal Cloth (RDM) Unknown Unknown Unknown More data needed.(20%)
Charcoal Cotton (RNG) Unknown More data needed.(17.9%) Unknown Unknown
Corduroy Cloth (PUP) Unknown Unknown Unknown More data needed.(34%)
Diabolic Yarn (BLM) More data needed.(10.3%) Unknown More data needed.(2.2%) Unknown
Ebony Lacquer (NIN) Unknown More data needed.(3.6%) More data needed.(57.8%) Unknown
Electrum Stud (SCH) More data needed.(6.9%) Unknown More data needed.(6.7%) Unknown
Fetid Lanolin (BST) Unknown Unknown More data needed.(2.2%) More data needed.(32%)
Flameshun Cloth (BLU) Unknown More data needed.(3.6%) More data needed.(2.2%) Unknown
Gold Stud (DNC) Unknown Unknown Unknown More data needed.(16%)
Kurogane (SAM) Unknown More data needed.(3.6%) More data needed.(4.4%) Unknown
Light Filament (THF) Unknown Unknown Unknown More data needed.(46%)
White Rivet (PLD) Unknown Unknown Unknown More data needed.(16%)
Adaman Ore - - More data needed.(3%) -
Clot Plasma - - More data needed.(9.1%) -
Darksteel Ore - - More data needed.(3%) -
Darksteel Sheet - - More data needed.(9.1%) -
Light Steel - - More data needed.(3%) -
Oxblood - - More data needed.(6.1%) -
Rainbow Thread - - More data needed.(6.1%) -
Shell Powder - - Unknown -
Metal Chip - - - Unknown
Charcoal Chip - - - (100%)

First Floor[edit]

  • Enemies: Fir Bholg x10 (Fomor)
    • About 4250 HP
    • Galka = PLD,
      Elvaan = THF,
      Hume = SAM,
      Tarutaru = BLM,
      Mithra = RDM
    • The Mage Fir Bholg are highly resistant to magic damage.
    • Each has a chance of dropping an Ancient Beastcoin.
    • Linking by sound.
    • Uses their respective two-hour abilities once each.
    • Susceptible to Lullaby, Sleep, and Repose
    • Summoner pullers need to be very careful, they will link and stay linked at times on pet pulls
    • Like all Limbus mobs, these have party hate: once aggroed, everyone in the alliance will have hate on the ones that aggro, so a sac puller must drop from the party before pulling.
  • You can open only one of the three chests.
  • The restore chest is on the left(brown), time in the middle(blue), and item on the right(gold).
  • The Vortex and Chests come from the same race of Fomor, the same race as the person who first entered the zone.
  • To pop the boxes, ALL fomors of the corresponding race must be defeated.
  • The Items chest has 4 Ancient Beastcoins and 1-2 AF+1 material (BRD, DRK, SAM, BLM, WAR, BLU, SCH, WHM, ?).

Second Floor[edit]

Arboricole Beetle
Arboricole Crawler
Arboricole Hornet
Arboricole Opo-opo
Arboricole Raven
Arboricole Spider
Apollyon Sapling
  • Killing a Jidra causes one of the other monsters to spawn.
  • Defeating the large, leafless Jidra opens the vortex (and doesn't spawn a kid).
  • Boss is immune to Bind but susceptible to gravity and sleep.
  • The Jidra never drop Ancient Beastcoins, but the others have a high chance to.
  • When all enemies are dead, the Time, Items and Restore chests spawn. You can only open one.
    • They actually appear farther south than shown on the map.
  • The Items chest has 4 Ancient Beastcoins and 1-2 AF+1 material (RNG, WHM, SMN, BLM, WAR, COR, DRG).

Third Floor[edit]

  • Enemies: Armoury Crate x8 (Mimics)
    • Often drop an Ancient Beastcoin.
    • They only aggro when someone clicks on them to determine whether they are mimics or real chests. They are passive otherwise.
  • Defeating one of the Mimics opens the vortex.
  • The Time, Items and Restore chests are hidden among the Mimics. You can open all three.
    • They are randomly distributed--they are not in the places marked on the map.
    • You can't tell which chest it is which without opening it; they all look like Items chests.
  • Note: As soon as an Avatar gets hate its hate is reset, making the SMN trick used in the mimic assault unable to work here.
  • Note: You CAN, however, have one person with ranged attack shoot the chest from a distance greater than 21 yalms after someone attempts to open it. This will cause hate to shift, but draw-in will not process at that distance. Keep in mind though, they stay in aggro'd form, so take care not to run back within range of draw-in.
  • Death Trap (AoE Stun and Poison) has a huge range (>31'). This ability has a somewhat lengthy activation time, so it is easy to stun it.

Fourth Floor[edit]

Dark Elemental x3
Earth Elemental x3
Fire Elemental x3
Ice Elemental x3
Light Elemental x3
Thunder Elemental x3
Water Elemental x3
  • Often drop an Ancient Beastcoin
  • They are susceptible to melee damage, unlike normal elementals. That being said, they still have a higher resistance than normal non-elemental monsters to melee attacks.
  • Elementals of the same type link from anywhere in the zone. Elementals of different types do not link. All elementals aggro to magic and have shared party hate.
  • A safe place to camp is the northeast corner near the exit portal where the final chest spawns.
  • The Dark Elementals are resistant to Lullaby and Repose, and immune to Sleep.
  • The Light Elementals are immune to Lullaby and Repose, but susceptible to Sleep.

This article uses material from the "SW_Apollyon" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.