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Category:Artifact Armor +1

You can upgrade your Artifact Armor by trading it along with various items and Ancient Beastcoins to Sagheera in Port Jeuno. If it's your first time talking to her click the option "Just wanted to chat" first to open up the menu of Artifact attires.
Sagheera requires one item that drops in Apollyon and one from Temenos; these are the same for the whole set. She also requires a synthesis item and 15-40 Ancient Beastcoins, depending on the piece. This is what she will say:

I came from the Near East to peddle my wares. I heard that there are simply hordes of gullib--err, that is, I have heard of the great adventurers that roam this land, and wish to be of service to them. If you happen to know of any seasoned adventurers, I ask that you bring them to me. Be sure to tell them of my fabulous good!
Wait a moment...
You are an adventurer, are you not? I hear your sort does all kinds of things--fighting with monsters, cooking, and collecting all sorts of little knickknacks...
Oh, I am truly sorry if I have offended you. I am from a land far to the east of here, and tales of adventurers are quite popular in my hometown.
Anyway, you adventurers are quite the rowdy lot, always playing outside and showing up looking as if you had wallowed in mud, correct?
Are you really so dirty?
Oh my, such confidence.
Could it be because you possess that remarkable armor I have heard about in rumors...artifact armor, I believe it is called?
I am not finished, so wait! Undoubtedly your artifact armor was once something to take pride in, but at present it is surely quite battered from your adventuring, not to mention that it has simply become old and could use a boost...correct?
If I were you, my dear friend, I would take your precious artifact armor and restore it! Rejuvenate it! Give it new life! Does that not sound like the proper course of action?
I know exactly what you need. You absolutely must bring the necessary ingredients, and I will send them with your artifact armor to the craftsmen of the Near East for a miniscule fee in ancient beastcoins!
There, I have contracts with the most skilled artisans, who will make your artifact armor shine like never before.
Of course, it shall be difficult for you to give up your beloved artifact armor, if but for a short while. However, please inform me if you work up the courage, and I will tell you the ingredients I require.

Trade her the Ancient Beastcoins first, then the rest of the items. Wait until the game day changes (can be the very next second so long as the clock changes to 0:00) and then talk to her again to receive your AF+1.

The upgraded pieces are all Level 74. If you want to get the original Artifact Armor back, you can restart the Artifact Armor quests by talking to Vingijard in Lower Jeuno (H-9) inside Waag-Deeg's Magic Shop.

Further Upgrades[edit]

To Sagheera's left is Monisette, a similar NPC that further upgrades armor in exchange for Rem's Tale Chapters and two craft items. She can upgrade either +1 Artifact or a base piece into Item Level 109 Reforged Artifact Armor, then upgrade that piece further to Item Level 119 Reforged Artifact Armor +1.

Job Slot Item Ingredients
Artifact Armor Temenos Apollyon Crafted Item Ancient Beastcoins
Choral Attire +1
Head Chl. Roundlet +1 Choral Roundlet Coiled Yarn Brown Doeskin Gold Thread 15
Body Chl. Jstcorps +1 Choral Jstcorps Manticore Lth. 40
Hands Chl. Cuffs +1 Choral Cuffs Manticore Lth. 25
Legs Chl. Cannions +1 Choral Cannions Manticore Lth. 25
Feet Chl. Slippers +1 Choral Slippers Manticore Lth. 25
Beast Armor +1
Head Bst. Helm +1 Beast Helm Smalt Leather Fetid Lanolin Beast Horn 30
Body Bst. Jackcoat +1 Beast Jackcoat White Mouton 40
Hands Bst. Gloves +1 Beast Gloves White Mouton 20
Legs Bst. Trousers +1 Beast Trousers Dhalmel Leather 30
Feet Bst. Gaiters +1 Beast Gaiters Dhalmel Leather 20
Black Mage
Wizard's Attire +1
Head Wzd. Petasos +1 Wizard's Petasos Diabolic Silk Diabolic Yarn Ether Leather 25
Body Wzd. Coat +1 Wizard's Coat Ether Leather 25
Hands Wzd. Gloves +1 Wizard's Gloves Ether Leather 15
Legs Wzd. Tonban +1 Wizard's Tonban Ether Cotton 30
Feet Wzd. Sabots +1 Wizard's Sabots Ether Holly 20
Blue Mage
Magus Attire +1
Head Magus Keffiyeh +1 Magus Keffiyeh Luminian Thread Flameshun Cloth Khrom. Leather 20
Body Magus Jubbah +1 Magus Jubbah Wamoura Cloth 30
Hands Mag. Bazubands +1 Magus Bazubands Khrom. Leather 15
Legs Magus Shalwar +1 Magus Shalwar Wamoura Cloth 30
Feet Magus Charuqs +1 Magus Charuqs Khrom. Leather 15
Corsair's Attire +1
Head Cor. Tricorne +1 Corsair's Tricorne Silkworm Thread Canvas Toile Lm. Rm. Leather 30
Body Corsair's Frac +1 Corsair's Frac Oil-Soaked Cloth 30
Hands Corsair's Gants +1 Corsair's Gants Oil-Soaked Cloth 20
Legs Corsair's Culottes +1 Corsair's Culottes Oil-Soaked Cloth 30
Feet Cor. Bottes +1 Corsair's Bottes Marid Leather 25
Dancer's Attire +1
Head Dancer's Tiara +1 Dancer's Tiara Filet Lace Gold Stud Gold Ingot 30
Body Dnc. Casaque +1 Dancer's Casaque Scarlet Linen 35
Hands Dnc. Bangles +1 Dancer's Bangles Gold Ingot 25
Legs Dancer's Tights +1 Dancer's Tights Silky Suede 25
Feet Dancer's Shoes +1 Dancer's Shoes Silky Suede 20
Dark Knight
Chaos Armor +1
Head Chs. Burgeonet +1 Chaos Burgeonet Dark Orichalcum Black Rivet Darksteel Sheet 25
Body Chs. Cuirass +1 Chaos Cuirass Dark Adaman Sheet 30
Hands Chs. Gauntlets +1 Chaos Gauntlets Darksteel Sheet 15
Legs Chs. Flanchard +1 Chaos Flanchard Darksteel Sheet 20
Feet Chs. Sollerets +1 Chaos Sollerets Darksteel Sheet 20
Job Slot Item Ingredients
Artifact Armor Temenos Apollyon Crafted Item Ancient Beastcoins
Drachen Armor +1
Head Drn. Armet +1 Drachen Armet Cbl. Myth. Sheet Blue Rivet Lm. Rm. Leather 30
Body Drn. Mail +1 Drachen Mail Lm. Rm. Leather 40
Hands Drn. Fng. Gnt. +1 Drachen Fng. Gnt. Ram Leather 20
Legs Drn. Brais +1 Drachen Brais Ram Leather 25
Feet Drn. Greaves +1 Drachen Greaves Ram Leather 20
Temple Attire +1
Head Tpl. Crown +1 Temple Crown Ut. Gold Thread Ancient Brass Manticore Lth. 25
Body Tpl. Cyclas +1 Temple Cyclas Silver Brocade 40
Hands Tpl. Gloves +1 Temple Gloves Manticore Lth. 20
Legs Tpl. Hose +1 Temple Hose Manticore Lth. 25
Feet Tpl. Gaiters +1 Temple Gaiters Tiger Leather 20
Ninja's Garb +1
Head Nin. Hatsuburi +1 Ninja Hatsuburi Plaited Cord Ebony Lacquer Lt. Steel Sheet 20
Body Nin. Chainmail +1 Ninja Chainmail Lt. Steel Sheet 30
Hands Nin. Tekko +1 Ninja Tekko Lt. Steel Sheet 15
Legs Nin. Hakama +1 Ninja Hakama Lm. Bf. Leather 30
Feet Nin. Kyahan +1 Ninja Kyahan Lt. Steel Sheet 15
Gallant Armor +1
Head Glt. Coronet +1 Gallant Coronet Snowy Cermet White Rivet Gold Ingot 25
Body Glt. Surcoat +1 Gallant Surcoat Gold Brocade 30
Hands Glt. Gauntlets +1 Gallant Gauntlets Blsd. Mtl. Sheet 20
Legs Glt. Breeches +1 Gallant Breeches Blsd. Mtl. Sheet 20
Feet Glt. Leggings +1 Gallant Leggings Blsd. Mtl. Sheet 20
Puppetry Attire +1
Head Puppetry Taj +1 Puppetry Taj Pantin Wire Corduroy Cloth Foulard 20
Body Pup. Tobe +1 Pup. Tobe Scarlet Linen 30
Hands Pup. Dastanas +1 Pup. Dastanas Foulard 20
Legs Pup. Churidars +1 Pup. Churidars Foulard 20
Feet Pup. Babouches +1 Pup. Babouches Ether Leather 20
Hunter's Attire +1
Head Htr. Beret +1 Hunter's Beret Chameleon Yarn Charcoal Cotton Hunter's Cotton 25
Body Htr. Jerkin +1 Hunter's Jerkin Hunter's Cotton 40
Hands Htr. Bracers +1 Hunter's Bracers Coeurl Leather 20
Legs Htr. Braccae +1 Hunter's Braccae Coeurl Leather 25
Feet Htr. Socks +1 Hunter's Socks Tiger Leather 25
Job Slot Item Ingredients
Artifact Armor Temenos Apollyon Crafted Item Ancient Beastcoins
Red Mage
Warlock's Armor +1
Head Wlk. Chapeau +1 Warlock's Chapeau Ruby Silk Thread Cardinal Cloth Rainbow Velvet 20
Body Wlk. Tabard +1 Warlock's Tabard Rainbow Velvet 30
Hands Wlk. Gloves +1 Warlock's Gloves Rainbow Velvet 15
Legs Wlk. Tights +1 Warlock's Tights Rainbow Velvet 20
Feet Wlk. Boots +1 Warlock's Boots Tiger Leather 25
Myochin Armor +1
Head Myn. Kabuto +1 Myochin Kabuto Scarlet Odoshi Kurogane Gold Sheet 15
Body Myn. Domaru +1 Myochin Domaru Iyo Scale 25
Hands Myn. Kote +1 Myochin Kote Lm. Bf. Leather 20
Legs Myn. Haidate +1 Myochin Haidate Lm. Bf. Leather 30
Feet Myn. Sune-Ate +1 Myochin Sune-Ate Lm. Bf. Leather 20
Scholar's Attire +1
Head Sch. M.board +1 Scholar's Mortarboard Brilliantine Electrum Stud Electrum Ingot 20
Body Sch. Gown +1 Scholar's Gown Lynx Leather 40
Hands Sch. Bracers +1 Scholar's Bracers Lynx Leather 25
Legs Sch. Pants +1 Scholar's Pants Ether Leather 25
Feet Sch. Loafters +1 Scholar's Loafers Karakul Cloth 25
Evoker's Attire +1
Head Evk. Horn +1 Evoker's Horn Glittering Yarn Astral Leather Coral Horn 25
Body Evk. Doublet +1 Evoker's Doublet Wolf Felt 35
Hands Evk. Bracers +1 Evoker's Bracers Wolf Felt 20
Legs Evk. Spats +1 Evoker's Spats Wolf Felt 30
Feet Evk. Pigaches +1 Evoker's Pigaches Ancient Lumber 15
Rogue's Attire +1
Head Rog. Bonnet +1 Rogue's Bonnet Supple Skin Light Filament Sailcloth 30
Body Rog. Vest +1 Rogue's Vest Sailcloth 40
Hands Rog. Armlets +1 Rogue's Armlets Sheep Chammy 20
Legs Rogue's Culottes +1 Rogue's Culottes Sailcloth 30
Feet Rog. Poulaines +1 Rogue's Poulaines Sheep Chammy 20
Fighter's Armor +1
Head Ftr. Mask +1 Fighter's Mask Ecarlate Cloth Argyro Rivet Drk. Brz. Sheet 20
Body Ftr. Lorica +1 Fighter's Lorica 35
Hands Ftr. Mufflers +1 Fighter's Mufflers 15
Legs Ftr. Cuisses +1 Fighter's Cuisses 15
Feet Ftr. Calligae +1 Fighter's Calligae 25
White Mage
Healer's Attire +1
Head Hlr. Cap +1 Healer's Cap Benedict Silk Benedict Yarn Ether Cotton 30
Body Hlr. Briault +1 Healer's Briault Holy Leather 40
Hands Hlr. Mitts +1 Healer's Mitts Ether Leather 20
Legs Hlr. Pantaln. +1 Healer's Pantaln. Rainbow Velvet 25
Feet Hlr. Duckbills +1 Healer's Duckbills Ether Holly 20
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