Gold Sturdy Pyxis

Gold Sturdy Pyxis are unlocked via a number guessing game similar to that of Treasure Caskets. A Gold Sturdy Pyxis will require you to correctly guess a number between a range of values (For instance, guess the number between 11 ~ 33). After each guess, you will receive a clue about the target number.

Peering between the crack will allow you to see exactly what is contained in the chest. This type of chest also has an extremely large version, which usually contains key items for popping higher tier NMs in the area you are in. However, they can also contain potent temporary items or powerful augmented equipment.

Chest Tiers[edit]

There are various tiers of chest, which can be identified by the spread of numbers you are able to input:

Tier Spread of Numbers
I 11~33
II 11~44
III 11~55
IV 11~90 (Big Chests)
11~77 (Small Chests)

The tier can be increased by obtaining Amber Light. The tier dictates the quality of the reward you can obtain:

Tier Type Item
I Temp Item Catholicon
Temp Item Clear Salve I
Temp Item Lucid Ether I
Temp Item Lucid Potion I
II Temp Item Clear Salve II
Temp Item Healing Powder
Temp Item Lucid Ether II
Temp Item Lucid Potion II
III Temp Item Berserker's Drink
Temp Item Lucid Elixir I
Temp Item Swiftshot Drink
Augmented Items See Augmented List Below
IV Temp Item Berserker's Tonic
Temp Item Fanatic's Powder
Temp Item Lucid Elixir II
Temp Item Lucid Ether III
Temp Item Lucid Wings I
Temp Item Megalixir
Temp Item Monarch's Drink
Key Item (Tahrongi Only) Chipped Sandworm Tooth
Key Item (Tahrongi Only) Gory Scorpion Claw
Key Item (Tahrongi Only) Mossy Adamantoise Shell
Key Item (Tahrongi Only) Overgrown Mandragora Flower
Pop Item (La Theine Only) Filthy Gnole Claw
Pop Item (La Theine Only) Oversized Sock
Pop Item (La Theine Only) Winter Puk Egg
Item Aisha: Ichi
Item Aspir II
Item Baramnesia
Item Baramnesra
Item Cure VI
Item Foe Requiem VII
Item Protect V
Item Shell V
Item Stone V
Item Water V
Item Angel Skin
Item Buffalo Meat
Item Damascene Cloth
Item Dragon Meat
Item Darksteel Ore
Item Durium Ore
Item Khroma Ore
Item Phrygian Ore
Item Dark Ore
Item Earth Ore
Item Fire Ore
Item Ice Ore
Item Light Ore
Item Lightning Ore
Item Water Ore
Item Wind Ore
Item Aventurine
Item Carnelian
Item Clarite
Item Fulmenite
Item Heliodor
Item Larimar
Item Selenite
Item Tenebrite
Augmented Items See Augmented List Below

Augmented Equipment[edit]

There are various types of Augmented Equipment that can be obtained from Gold Pyxis. The strength of the augment is dependent on the tier the chest is in. Three pieces of equipment can be augmented which is dependent on the area.

Area Augmented Item
Abyssea - Tahrongi Adaman Barbuta (Head)
Demon's Ring (Ring)
Wivre Gorget (Neck)
Abyssea - Konschtat Dark Ring (Ring)
Tower Shield (Shield)
Wivre Hairpin (Head)
Abyssea - La Theine Jeweled Collar (Neck)
Rasetsu Jinpachi (Head)
Tarutaru Sash (Waist)
Abyssea - Vunkerl Diamond Ring (Ring)
Gules Mittens (Hands)
Lore Sabots (Feet)
Abyssea - Attohwa Gleaming Spear (Polearm)
Lore Slops (Legs)
Versa Mufflers (Hands)
Abyssea - Misareaux Gules Leggings (Feet)
Gleaming Zaghnal (Scythe)
Light Earring (Earring)
Abyssea - Altepa Firmament (Sword)
Guisarme (Polearm)
Ribauldequin (Gun)
Abyssea - Grauberg Doom Tabar (Axe)
Yataghan (Dagger)
Yukitsugu (Great Katana)
Abyssea - Uleguerand Dire Scythe (Scythe)
Savate Fists (Hand-to-Hand)
Vodun Mace (Club)

Various types of augments, as well as the chest they were contained in, are below:

Item Tier Potential Augments
Adaman Barbuta III Resist Vs. Light +1
IV (Small) "Regen" +1
Resist Charm +3~4
Information Needed Spell interruption rate down -2%
Cure Potency +2~5%
"Regen" +2
Dark Ring Information Needed Enemy Critical Hit Rate -3%
Physical Damage Taken -1~6%
Breath Damage Taken -1~6%
Magic Damage Taken -1~6%
Spell interruption rate down -3%
Demon's Ring III Resist Vs. Light -5
Resist Vs. Dark +5
IV (Small) Magic Critical Hit Damage +2%
Information Needed Magic Attack Bonus +3
"Resist Blind" +2
Magic Critical Hit Damage +2%
Diamond Ring Information Needed MND+3
Dire Scythe Information Needed Resist Vs. Wind -1
Resist Vs. Earth +1
Gleaming Zaghnal Information Needed Resist Vs. Dark -5~+5
Accuracy +1~6
Gleaming Spear Information Needed HP +4~16
Weapon Skill Accuracy +2~7
Jeweled Collar IV (Large) CHR +1~2
INT +1~4
CHR +1~3
MP Recovered While Healing +1~3
HP +1~15
MP +1~15
Fast Cast +1~3
Rasetsu Jinpachi Information Needed Evasion +4
"Zanshin" +1
IV (Large) Resist Virus +3
Resist Curse +3
Tarutaru Sash Information Needed CHR +2
Treasure Hunter +1
Gilfinder +1~3
Versa Mufflers Information Needed HP +6~14
VIT +1~6
Shield Skill +1~5
Wivre Hairpin Information Needed Resist Vs. Ice +6
Resist Vs. Dark +5
"Refresh" +1
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