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Treasure Hunter

Job Trait Overview[edit]

  • Game Description: Increases chance that treasure will be dropped by enemies.
  • Unlike most other job traits, Treasure Hunter, Treasure Hunter II, and Treasure Hunter III are listed by the game as three separate job traits.
  • Treasure Hunter is applied when any enmity-generating action is performed on the target, such as attacks or enemy-targeted job abilities or spells. Additionally, area of effect attacks will apply Treasure Hunter to every enemy they hit.
  • Higher tiers of Treasure Hunter will overwrite lower tiers, regardless of the source.
  • If a monster with Treasure Hunter status applied to it becomes passive, the Treasure Hunter effect is removed.
  • Treasure Hunter only affects monster drop rates. It has no effect on guaranteed drops, key items, caskets, or battlefield rewards.
  • Treasure Hunter+ from equipment stacks with your Job Trait bonus, Atma of Dread, and the Treasure Hound Super Kupower, and caps at 8 for Thief as a main job.
    • Treasure Hound will push the limit to 9.
    • If Thief is set as a support job, or not at all, Treasure Hunter level caps at 4.

Treasure Hunter[edit]

Treasure Hunter II[edit]

Treasure Hunter III[edit]

  • Obtained: Thief Level 90.
Slot Name Bonus Jobs
Weapon Thief's Knife 1 THF
Weapon Sandung 1 THF
Weapon Taming Sari Augmented 1 THF/BRD/DNC
Hands Assassin's Armlets 1 THF
Hands Assassin's Armlets +1 1 THF
Hands Assassin's Armlets +2 2 THF
Hands Plunderer's Armlets 2 THF
Hands Plunderer's Armlets +1 3 THF
Feet Raider's Poulaines +2 1 THF
Feet Skulker's Poulaines 2 THF
Feet Skulker's Poulaines +1 3 THF
Waist Tarutaru Sash Augment 1 MNK/WHM/BLM/RDM/PLD/BRD/RNG/


Waist Chaac Belt 1 All
Ring Gorney Ring 1 All

Enhancing the Effect[edit]

  • Players with Thief set as main job have a chance to increase the current level of Treasure Hunter on a target when landing a melee attack. This will be indicated by a visual effect and a log message.
    • This effect caps at 12. If the Thief has expended 100 or 1200 Job Points, the cap becomes 13 or 14, respectively.
    • Treasure Hound is able to push the limit up by one. Verification Needed
  • The chance to increase your TH bonus greatly diminishes with each level of difference between the target's current Treasure Hunter effect and your current Treasure Hunter bonus. For example, if you apply TH8 on a monster and then drop your TH bonus to 3 by switching equipment, further increments will be much rarer.
    • A successful Sneak Attack or Trick Attack has a significantly higher chance of increasing the TH level. This applies even when they are used on a weapon skill, although the visual effect and log message will not appear when an increment occurs as a result of a weapon skill.
    • An attack that applies Feint has up to double the chance (when fully merited). This can be combined with Sneak Attack and/or Trick Attack.
      • The improvements from these abilities can be stacked.
  • Only the first attack of a multi-hit auto-attack or weapon skill can enhance Treasure Hunter.
  • Weaponskills, melee-damaging job abilities (such as Violent Flourish), and attacks with Additional Effects (such as Enfire or Drain Samba) can enhance Treasure Hunter, but will give no visual effect or log message.
  • The Ranger ability Bounty Shot behaves similar to a Thief with TH2 using a Sneak Attack.
  • A Monipulator with a main job as Thief also has a chance to enhance the effect. However with the exception of monipulators that have entered Belligerency, enhancing the effect will not result in any drops since treasure normally is not dropped to monipulators.

Official Information on Items Not Affected by Treasure Hunter[edit]

Does Treasure Hunter have an effect on items marked Rare?

A: As for drop rate, it does affect items which are labeled as “rare.” However, due to the system, Treasure Hunter will not affect drops that are a lottery. An example of a lottery drop would be loot such as Pixie Earring and Defending Ring, in which only one can drop at a given time.[1]

Testing and Theory[edit]

The following information is a list of testing, hypothetical ideas, and theory on TH.
The information stems from the player-base, not SE. Testing should be read and considered with some amount of skepticism, and theory with further skepticism.

Treasure Hunter doesn't increase the drop rate % of an item, but instead gives you more chances to receive the item. For Example: Say an item has a 5% drop rate. A player without Treasure Hunter gets 1 random "roll" from say 1-100. A roll of 96-100 is required to get the drop (given a 5% chance). Treasure Hunter doesn't increase the %, but rather it gives more random "rolls" increasing the odds much like buying more lottery tickets would increase odds in hitting the jackpot. The percentage is still the same, you just have more chances. This is why when a thief is in a party, there are often more total drops in general.


This article uses material from the "Treasure_Hunter" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.