Violent Flourish

Violent Flourish[edit]

  • Stuns target with a low rate of success. Requires one Finishing Move.
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 45
  • Finishing Moves Used: 1
  • Recast Time: 0:20 (Flourishes I)
  • Duration: ??


  • Violent Flourish acts as a normal hit with your weapon, just with the chance of an added effect of stun; i.e. if it lands, you will do damage like a normal hit, and gain the TP to go with it.
  • This move can skillup weapons. This can be useful when skilling up longer delay weapons. It will reset the swing timer but can proc skillups.
  • If the Stun effect is successful, it will state this in the chat log along with the damage. If unsuccessful, it will simply show the damage.
  • Note that this ability has two accuracy checks: a physical check (to see if Violent Flourish actually hits) and a magical check (to see if the stun effect is successful). This is similar to the Blue Mage spell, Head Butt.
  • Rate of stun success is fairly high on weaker monsters.
  • Rate of stun drastically increases from successive applications of Stutter Step, as the stun effect of the flourish is a magical effect.
  • Stacks with Sneak Attack, allowing a bypass of the physical accuracy check if successful. This may also increase chance of stun.
  • Wearing Etoile Casaque greatly increases the chance of stun.
  • This will also one-shot Chigoes.

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /ja "Violent Flourish" <t>
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