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Category:Freelance NPCs

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What is Headhunting?[edit]

In every area, players may run into free-spirit NPCs without ties to any nation. Such NPCs are known as "freelances." On such encounters you may be able to recruit these characters, enlisting them to temporarily serve the efforts of the Allied Forces. Freelances recruited in such a manner will not only participate directly in combat, but will also come to have an influence on the armies and countries which they serve under, and may even form their own ranks to lead in battle.

How does Headhunting work?[edit]

Each Freelance has different requirements in order to convince them to join your nation in Campaign battles. Each time the requirement is met, that nation will gain influence over the Freelance. At each week's campaign tally, each Freelance may ally with the nation who has recorded the most influence that week. Often you are required to zone before repeating the requirement to increase influence. It should be noted that freelances can be influenced in the same way if they are currently aligned with a nation, or if they are in their non-aligned locations. Therefore, if they are aligned with a nation other then yours, you may go to the other city and influence them as you would in the field. The dialogue and results are the same and they will be allied to a nation or as an unaligned freelance accordingly.

Maruna-Kurina (Tracking Freelancers)[edit]

Maruna-Kurina is as a freelance and can be recruited for the Allied Forces exactly as the rest of the following chart's freelancers can. He holds extensive notes on each freelancer and can track their current alleigence as well as which nation currently has the most influence over them for the next tally. He is very useful for headhunting purposes and those seeking to influence freelancers should make it a point to find and talk to him first, as attempting to randomly find freelancers can be difficult at times. Some will not be in their locations specified if a Campaign Battle is occuring in their zone when they are unaligned, and some may be out on the battlefield when you attempt to find them in their current city.

  • NOTE: He will only share his information with you if you are a member of the nation in campaign that he has allied with for the tally. Otherwise you will have to recruit him for your own nation in order to use his information.

He can be found in Southern San d'Oria (S) at (M-7) on the upper ledge, in Windurst Waters (S) at (L-5)on the 2nd floor of the Acolyte Hostel's eastern building, or in Bastok Markets (S) at (F-8) standing near the fortification.

  • It is worthwhile to note that even if unaligned, he will appear in one of the three cities. Which city he appears in each week when unaligned is seemingly random. He does not fight in campaign battles, so recruiting him is mainly to force him to appear in your city for the duration of the tally.


Freelance Location When Unallied Location When Allied How to Influence Notes
Achtelle East Ronfaure (S) (H-11) Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-9), Bastok Markets (S) (D-11), Windurst Waters (S) (H-8) Talk to her as Dragoon. Has a Guivre-esque wyvern named Bravo.
Areuhat Grauberg (S) (D-13) Southern San d'Oria (S) (J-8), Bastok Markets (S) (G-8), Windurst Waters (S) (G-8) Trade medicines. (Potion, Hi-Potion, X-Potion +1, and Elixir all work). Will also accept shell bugs after completing the quest Beast from the East. Transforms into a wyrm named Odzmanouk.
Auroral Alicorn Jugner Forest (S) - (J-7) Windurst Waters (S) (G-9)/(H-10) Cure it when it is injured. Uses Monoceros physical attacks, a light-based attack called Scintillant Lance, and Grace of Hera which gives everyone in range Regen.
Azima North Gustaberg (S) (E-7) Southern San d'Oria (S) (D-8), Bastok Markets (S) (H-10), Windurst Waters (S) (G-9) Talk to her with high Alchemy skill. Provides additional temporary items and fights with powerful lightning magic.
Babban Ny Mheillea Meriphataud Mountains (S) Only appears in Campaign Battles (Under Allied Tag) Verification Needed Trade her Distilled Water. Assisted by Bryher, Camlin, Darach and when defending allied cities is able to summon Abenzio.
Choh Moui Crawlers' Nest (S) (I-11) Southern San d'Oria (S) (J-11), Bastok Markets (S) (E-7), Windurst Waters (S) (G-10)/(G-11) Find a Crimson Chigoe by examining the ??? in Crawlers' Nest (S) and then speak to Choh Moui. You can also influence her by trading her Rye Flour. Assisted Azo and Vahi.
Dalzakk Sauromugue Champaign (S) (running around) Running Around: Southern San d'Oria (S) (D-7)-(H-9), Bastok Markets (S) (G-5/6)-(H-5/6), Windurst Waters (S) (F-8/9)-(G-8/9) Talk to him as Monk. Primarily uses One Inch Punch. When close to defeated his Master may appear and assist him.
Duskraven Batallia Downs (S) (F-5) Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-7), Bastok Markets (S) (H-4), Windurst Waters (S) (E-8) Trade him 500 gil. Assisted by the Dusk Raiders.
Ferreous Coffin Batallia Downs (S) (I-11/J-11) Southern San d'Oria (S) (G-9), Bastok Markets (S) (K-10), Windurst Waters (S) (F-5) Talk to him as White Mage. Has a high Fast Cast rate to casts Raise III with and uses the unique ability Reviviscence. Also wields Mjollnir and performs (double) Light skillchains with himself.
Kagetora Varies: Batallia Downs (S)(K-9), Rolanberry Fields (S) (J-6), or Sauromugue Champaign (S) (F-6) Southern San d'Oria (S) (D-6), Bastok Markets (S) (G-4), Windurst Waters (S) (G-10) Trade him Shurikens. Assisted by 5 Utsusemi Clones.
Lewenhart The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Southern San d'Oria (S) (H-8), Bastok Markets (S) (I-10), Windurst Waters (S) (F-5) Trade him Holy Water. Talk to him as Bard. Wandering Bard, who appears in battle to raise the spirits of battleworn soldiers with his enchanting songs.
Maat Varies: North Gustaberg (S), West Sarutabaruta (S), East Ronfaure (S), or Batallia Downs (S) Southern San d'Oria (S) (B-6), Bastok Markets (S) (G-8)/(G-9), Windurst Waters (S) (F-10) Trade him any Testimony. Uses hand-to-hand weaponskills including Asuran Fists. May be assisted by Degenhard in battle.
Maruna-Kurina Will randomly appear in one of the 3 cities at his specified location Southern San d'Oria (S) (M-7), Bastok Markets (S) (F-8), Windurst Waters (S) (L-5), Talk to him as Scholar. Has extensive information concerning various Campaign details, and can also track freelancer alliances.
Poroggo Servant West Sarutabaruta (S) (near towers) Only appears in Campaign Battles (Under Allied Tag) Trade it Lufaise Flys. Influencing it will call Poroggo Prince to battle, who is assisted by 3 Poroggo Servants.
Rainemard Jugner Forest (S) (H-10) Southern San d'Oria (S) (K-6), Bastok Markets (S) (I-5), Windurst Waters (S) (K-7) Talk to him as Red Mage. Casts many Red Mage spells as well as Flash.
Rongo-Nango Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) (E-11), (H-5) Southern San d'Oria (S) (J-9), Bastok Markets (S) (E-9), Windurst Waters (S) (G-8) Verification Needed Trade him jug pets. Brings several Beastmaster pets into battle.
Titania Grauberg (S) Bastok Markets (S) (F-9) Free Bottle Pixies in Witchfire Glen. Brings 9 faerie friends into battle to heal players and attack as a group. Also allows the option to Reduce EXP Loss when KO'd option when receiving Sigil.
Ulla & Kilhwch Southern San d'Oria (S) (G-10) Southern San d'Oria (S) (G-10), Bastok Markets (S) (E-11), Windurst Waters (S) (F-7) Trade one of following: Amaryllis, Carnation, Marguerite, Lilac, Rain Lily, Red Rose They work together as a team. Ulla uses the unique weaponskill "Call to Arms." Kilhwch wields Excalibur and can use Knights of Round.

Beastmen Freelances[edit]

The Allied Forces of Altana are not the only ones to recruit allies. The Beastmen Confederate also have their own swords for hire. These freelances usually appear in battles to assist units of the Dark Kindred and other units of the Beastman Confederate.

While Maruna-Kurina hints at the possibility of these freelances being able to be influenced by the Allied Forces, such a system is not currently in place.

Freelance Monster Type Notes
Raigegue R d'Oraguille Corse Summons his Ancient Royal Knights and casts high level AoE enfeebles.
Eurytos Gigas Leads a force of Gigas Mercenaries and uses Eagle Eye Shot.
Boodlix Goblin Leads a force of Goblin Lansquenet and spams Bomb Toss.
Kaiser Behemoth Behemoth Only uses AoE attacks Thunderbolt, Shockwave, and Meteor.
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