Auroral Alicorn

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Auroral Alicorn
Bestiary: Monoceros
Occupation: Freelance
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[[{{SUBST:Auroral Alicorn}}|   ]]
Type: NPC
Location: Jugner Forest (S)


  • If its horn is currently broken, when the zone becomes engaged in a campaign battle, it will run away.
  • Soultrapper can be used on Auroral Alicorn.
  • Checks as Impossible to Gauge.
  • Has movement speed equal to Dark Ixion.

Auroral Alicorn is known to use the following abilities:

Maruna-Kurina's Notes

Current taxonomy teaches us that at presentaru, the monoceros family contains few known specimens. Those that are classified exhibit great horn spire-wires jutting from their majestic heads, and are either born of light, or of darkness. An influx of eyewitness accounts in recent days all point to the undeniable existence of the beastaru named Dark Ixion. Tempered like a storm and ever wary, both allies and beastman alike tend to keep their distance. The other is dubbed Auroral Alicorn and exhibits a brilliantaru shade of white and a calm, gentle demeanor. The two couldn't be more dissimilar-wimilar. Though almost never seen in the wild prior to the war, Auroral Alicorn has recently been sighted in Jugner Forest, some say nursing wounds.

How to Influence

  • Alicorn has a passive DoT when its horn is broken. It cannot be dispelled, but he can be cured to regain his HP. The message "The creature whinnies contentedly." appears when cured.
  • Noticed the whinnies contently message appears on first cure if you zone (i.e. Recall-Jugner) between cures. Can still say message again after some repeated curing.

When Allied[edit]

Historical Background[edit]

Alicorn is simply another word for the spiral horn of a unicorn. Auroral is an adjective referring to the dawn or the aurorae; both being phenomena that are associated with light. The Auroral Alicorn, therefore, is meant to stand in contrast with Dark Ixion.

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