Witchfire Glen

Start NPC "Fay Spring" - Grauberg (S) (F-6)
Items Needed Bottled Pixie
Repeatable Yes
Reward Builds Pixie Amity
Gains influence with the Freelance Titania


Pixie-type mobs often cure you and even raise you when you fall in battle. Killing them causes their population to decrease and stops them helping adventurers. Whether or not a pixie will pop is determined by how safe they feel, a measure relating the times they were killed to the times they could "live safely." Trading a Bottled Pixie to the Fay Spring will help to build up their population, it has no effect on individual adventurers, but influences the entire server's status with the Pixie race.

  • Obtain a Bottled Pixie.
  • Head into Grauberg (S).
  • Travel to Witchfire Glen at (F-6).
  • Trade the Bottled Pixie to the "Fay Spring" at the base of the waterfall to release the pixie.
    • The Pixies will become slightly more inclined toward showing themselves and helping adventurers.

Note: This is not an official quest, and will not appear in your quest log, even when completed.


Freeing Bottled Pixies in Witchfire Glen gains you Titania for your allied nation.

Important Note[edit]

Building Pixie Amity allows them to spawn in the Present. A May 2008 interview with Square Enix has shed some more light on this:

"It would be an awkward situation if monsters in the present world were to become extinct as the result of events in the past. However, this may not necessarily be negative. If the players do ‘something’ in the past world, there could be positive consequences in the present one. For example, if the players were to save a Pixie in the past, Pixies would exist in the present. For the time being though, there aren’t many cases of this."
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