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[[{{SUBST:Odzmanouk}}|   ]]
Gender: Female
Bestiary: Wyrm
Affiliation: Freelance
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[[{{SUBST:Odzmanouk}}|   ]]
Type: Freelance
Location: Campaign battles


  • Transformed version of Areuhat in battle. Players that complete the Areuhat quest “Beast from the East” can subsequently trade to a Scouted Areuhat a Shell Bug, and cause her to take flight as Odzmanouk during Campaign Battles.
  • Primarily uses Hurricane Wing on surrounding opponents. Also uses Spike Flail on opponents behind her.

    Historical Background

Serpent-child of a king and queen that was locked in a secret room where he metamorphed into a dragon. There he was offered all comforts, but he refused all and his screams of hunger finally attracted the daughter of a chamberlain. She was immediately devoured and the staff searched the countryside for more maidens, who were then lowered through a hole in the ceiling. Finally, the beautiful Areuhat was lowered, but the room became silent. The king looked in and saw the maiden and a beautiful young man sitting calmly. The birth curse was broken and the two were married. source

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