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Template:Replacing Images



This notice has been placed on your talk page because you have recently uploaded one or more pictures that violate our Image Policy. You may either be new to the site and/or unfamiliar with our policy, so to facilitate your editing; here is the FFXIclopedia policy regarding Replacing Images:


Images should only be replaced if the older version is of low quality or violates one of the other image policies. When an image is replaced, it should either use the exact same name of the previous image so that it is actually replaced, or the older image should be marked for deletion with the {{SDelete|replaced with [[File:Oldimagename.jpg]]}} tag.

1) Images should never be replaced based on an image's extension.
2) Images should never be replaced based on an image's file size. If the image is extremely large, over a MB, you can simply reduce it and hit Upload a new version of this file. on the image page. It's not necessary to upload a completely different image.
3) Images that fit perfectly within policy or images within the above criteria alone should never be replaced merely to accredit yourself.

Failure to follow this procedure will most likely result in deletion of your newly uploaded image.

Once you have read and understood the policy, feel free to delete this notice from your talk page, or keep it if you wish to reference the policy. Thank you for understanding - FFXIclopedia Administrators
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This article uses material from the "Template:Replacing_Images" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.