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FFXI:Quiz Policy

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NOTICE: With Wikia's rollout of Oasis and the removal of the social tools, the Quiz Game has ended. Thank you for your participation.

Policy on Quiz Questions

FFXIclopedia quiz game questions shall conform to the following rules:


  • Questions must take the form of a complete sentence. Proper spelling is required.
  • Use proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and conventions whenever possible and appropriate.
  • Do not post any questions or answers in capital letters for emphasis. Nothing should ever be emphasized in this way.
  • Do not use "cyber slang" in place of proper language. Using "U" in place of "You" is not appropriate.
  • There should be no "joke" answers.


  • Quiz Questions must relate directly to Final Fantasy XI content. This may include things that exist in the Final Fantasy XI universe, real world people or concepts related to it, or other material covered in FFXIclopedia.
  • Quiz Questions will contain at least two different answers to the question, all of which must be coherent, relevant, and logical possibilities of answering the quiz question.
  • The correct answer to the question will be marked as the most accurate possibility from among the answer choices.
  • Questions and answers will contain no vulgar language or profanity or contain inappropriate words, inappropriate sexual references or other vulgar statements.
  • Questions and answers will not contain any self promotion by users, and no references to Final Fantasy XI or FFXIclopedia users or groups. Quizzes are intended to test a user's knowledge of Final Fantasy XI, not their knowledge of the Final Fantasy XI or FFXIclopedia community.
  • Quizzes must be completely objective. Opinion questions will not be permitted.

Any violation of above practices will result in deletion of the quiz question and may subject the user to a possible temporary or permanent a ban from FFXIclopedia.

Reporting a Problem

If you find a quiz in violation of these policies, report it by by clicking on the "Flag" option in the bottom right corner of a quiz and describing the problem or violation in the entry box. Please note that questions without a valid comment that are non-obvious will simply be unflagged. This removes that question from circulation until an administrator can review it.

Editing of this article is disabled pursuant to the Protection Policy. Users may discuss changes or request unprotection on the talk page.
This article uses material from the "FFXI:Quiz_Policy" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.