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FFXI:What FFXIclopedia is not

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What FFXIclopedia is not

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FFXIclopedia is an online encyclopedia relating to the Square Enix game Final Fantasy XI, and by extension, a community of people interested in building the encyclopedia. There are certain things that FFXIclopedia is not.

What FFXIclopedia is not

FFXIclopedia is not a paper encyclopedia

FFXIclopedia is not a paper encyclopedia. This means that there is no practical limit to the number of topics we can cover, or the total amount of content.

There is a feasible limit for individual article sizes that depends on page download size. After a point, splitting an article into separate articles or subpages is recommended.

FFXIclopedia is not a dictionary

FFXIclopedia is not a dictionary, usage or jargon guide. FFXIclopedia articles are not:

  1. Dictionary definitions. Because FFXIclopedia is not a dictionary, please do not create an entry merely to define a term. An article may begin with a good definition, but should contain more. If you come across an article that is nothing more than a definition, see if there is information you can add that would be appropriate for an encyclopedia.
  2. Lists of such definitions. There are, however, disambiguation pages consisting of pointers to other pages; these are used to clarify differing meanings of a word.
  3. Usage guides or slang and idiom guides. FFXIclopedia is not in the business of saying how words, idioms, etc. should be used. However, it may be important in the context of an encyclopedia article to describe just how a word is used to distinguish among similar, easily confused ideas. In some special cases an article about an essential piece of slang may be appropriate.

Mere dictionary-type entries should be made in the Final Fantasy XI Dictionary of Terms and Slang and are otherwise subject to deletion in accordance with the FFXI:Prohibited Articles policy. Usage or idiom information may be appropriate for inclusion in the Auto-Translator: In-Depth guide.

FFXIclopedia is not a soapbox

FFXIclopedia is not a soapbox, a battleground, or a vehicle for propaganda and advertising. Therefore, FFXIclopedia articles are not:

  1. Self/Linkshell/Server -promotion. It can be tempting to write about the your accomplishments , or those of your linkshell or even server. Outside of your user page, such promotion is not allowed. Certain server-based records are kept, but are not generally desirable. Personal and/or linkshell based accomplishments should be contained solely on user pages.
  2. Advertising. Articles about companies and products are not acceptable. While certain other mediums of FFXI-related information may be referenced (i.e. podcasts), such articles must be written in an objective and unbiased style.

FFXIclopedia is not a mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files

FFXIclopedia is neither a mirror nor a repository of links, images, or media files. FFXIclopedia articles are not:

  1. Mere collections of external links or Internet directories. It is generally disfavored to add links to an outside source in an article. If necessary, the links should be contained in a "See Also" section of an article. Excessive lists can dwarf articles and detract from the purpose of FFXIclopedia.
  2. Mere collections of internal links, except for disambiguation pages when an article title is ambiguous.
  3. Mere collections of photographs or media files with no text to go with the articles. If you are interested in presenting a picture, please provide an encyclopedic context.

FFXIclopedia is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site

You may not host your own website, blog, or wiki at FFXIclopedia. FFXIclopedia pages are not:

  1. Personal web pages. Users have their own user pages, but they may be used only to present information relevant to working on the FFXIclopedia or to FFXI. If you are looking to make a blog, please use the blog area of the forums.
  2. File storage areas. Please upload only files that are used (or will be used) in encyclopedia articles or project pages; anything else will be deleted.

What the FFXIclopedia community is not

The above guidelines apply to articles on FFXIclopedia. These guidelines apply to FFXIclopedia discussions.

FFXIclopedia is not a battleground

FFXIclopedia is not a place to hold grudges, import personal conflicts, or nurture hatred or fear. Making personal battles out of FFXIclopedia discussions goes directly against our policies and goals.

Every user is expected to interact with others civilly, calmly, and in a spirit of cooperation. Do not insult, harass, or intimidate those with whom you have a disagreement. Rather, approach the matter intelligently and engage in polite discussion. If a user acts uncivilly, uncalmly, uncooperatively, insultingly, harassingly, or intimidatingly toward you, this does not give you an excuse to do the same in retaliation. Either respond solely to the factual points brought forward and ignore its objectionable flavoring, or ignore the relevant message entirely.

See also the FFXI:Appropriate Behavior and FFXI:Inappropriate Behavior policies.

FFXIclopedia is not an anarchy

FFXIclopedia is free and open, but restricts both freedom and openness where they interfere with creating an encyclopedia.

FFXIclopedia is not a democracy

FFXIclopedia is not an experiment in democracy. Its primary method of determining consensus is discussion, not voting. Polls should be used with caution and may not be treated as binding.

FFXIclopedia is not a bureaucracy

Rules are not the purpose of the community and a perceived procedural error made in posting anything, such as an idea or nomination, is not grounds for invalidating that post. Follow the spirit, not the letter, of any rules, policies and guidelines if you feel they conflict. Disagreements should be resolved through consensus-based discussion, rather than through tightly sticking to rules and procedures.

FFXIclopedia is not Wikipedia

FFXIclopedia is not associated with Wikipedia, nor with any other wiki. The rules, policies, guidelines and traditions associated with other wiki are not the rules, policies, guidelines and traditions of FFXIclopedia.

Editing of this article is disabled pursuant to the Protection Policy. Users may discuss changes or request unprotection on the talk page.
This article uses material from the "FFXI:What_FFXIclopedia_is_not" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.