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FFXI:Naming Conventions

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In an encyclopedic setting such as FFXIclopedia, naming conventions are necessary to keep everything organized in an easy to read, and easy to find format. By setting these conventions, we hope to create a fast and easy way for users to understand how to create new articles without the need for others to supervise and possibly apply the {{Move}} or {{SMove}} templates.


It should be obvious that the name of an article should reflect the content of the article. Ambiguous titles will most likely go through the Requested Move process. Proper spelling and grammar should be observed when naming articles. Articles names should use proper capitalization, like that of a book title, this includes redirects. Example: Arnold The Bear is incorrect; it should be Arnold the Bear. It is not necessary to create redirects with varying case as the search functionality of this wiki is case-insensitive. Also, due to limitations, certain characters cannot be used in titles, because they do not work. The most commonly used characters that cannot be used are "/" "#" and "%", but for more specifics as to what characters cannot be used, please see FFXI: Software Limitations. In these cases when an article is misspelled or improperly cased, a {{SMove}} would be appropriate, as these don't require a discussion.

User Pages

User account names do not have to follow normal naming conventions. However, inappropriate account names or account names deliberately meant to deceive or impersonate another user will result in forced account recreation. Subpages to user pages also do not have to follow these conventions. These pages are mostly for the user's personal use, and aren't "public" articles in the strictest sense. The exception to this rule is a Guide that is made into a subpage of a user page. Please be sure to see FFXI:User Pages for more information on policies regarding user pages.


There are two types of guides that follow separate naming conventions; general guides and named guides. For more information, please see FFXI:Content Control and Article Ownership.

General guides are those guides that have multiple authors, and give information on broad subjects. These guides should be written in 3rd person. If it is a guide referring to an existing topic, such as Experience Points, the name should first reflect the subject, followed by a colon, then a brief title for the guide. The brief title must include the word "guide". To continue the example, a guide on how to gain experience points while soloing should be named something along the lines of Experience Points: Soloing Guide. For unique guides, the title can be a bit more creative, but they must still include the word guide. Example: Sarutabaruta Farming Guide. Once again, ambiguous names, or names that are too general in nature may be put through the Requested Move process.

Named guides are those guides that have a single author. These guides are generally written in 1st person. Their titles reflect the author's name, and once again include the word "guide". Example: Bard Guide by ArnoldtheBear or Sarutabaruta Farming Guide by ArnoldtheBear. Guides can also be made as subpages to User pages. When this happens, the author's name is already apparent in the user page. Example: User:ArnoldtheBear/Sarutabaruta Farming Guide.


The name of the item page should reflect how the item appears in your inventory, but expanding any abbreviations.

  • Some materials, in their pictures, list the title as Square of Rheiyoh Leather, but in their inventory, the item appears as Rheiyoh Leather. The title for this item's page would be Rheiyoh Leather

This policy also applies to key items- Key item page names should reflect the name of the item as it appears in your key items list.

For more information on how to format articles using the item template, please see FFXIclopedia:How to use the Item Template.

Armor Sets

Armor set naming conventions are broken up into two types; storable sets, and sets that are not storable. Storable armor sets should be named after the key item you receive when storing the set. Example: Eisenplatte Armor Set (has the key item Eisenplatte armor claim slip). Non-storable sets should be named after the body piece of the set. Example: Bastokan Harness Set. If a storable set has a High Quality non-storable version, it can follow similar naming conventions as the storable set. Example: Kampfplatte Armor Set.


Pictures should be named appropriately to reflect what's in them. Names can have a certain amount of creativity, but names such as Img123456.jpg are not acceptable. Example: A picture of a goblin smithy should have a name similar to Goblin Smithy.jpg. Please see the FFXI: Image Policy for more information regarding pictures.

Editing of this article is disabled pursuant to the Protection Policy. Users may discuss changes or request unprotection on the talk page.
This article uses material from the "FFXI:Naming_Conventions" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.