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Articles created for the purpose of highlighting existing linkshells (not to be confused with an article explaining what a linkshell is) are strictly prohibited. These articles are unnecessary, and are often abandoned or infrequently updated, so it was decided that we will not have them at all. Also, there is now the Linkshell Community at for this sort of outlet.

User Pages

User page/personal information outside of the user namespace is not allowed. Every registered user is allowed one userpage on which to place personal information if they so choose.

Unnecessary Redirects

Certain types of redirects are not allowed. While other wiki may allow a much broader range of redirects, only certain kinds are acceptable. Redirects for misspellings and different capitalizations are not allowed. Redirects to userpages are not allowed. Redirects for commonly used and in-game abbreviations is allowed.

Fake Mobs/Items

Articles detailing fake/humorous items that do not exist in the game will be deleted. While the intent may be vandalism or humor, it does not belong in the FFXIclopedia. You may, however, post it as humor in the forums or in a personal blog (or even your userpage, so long as it isn't categorized as a real item).


Articles which simply describe a term (whether an official term or a community-created, slang term) are prohibited unless the article contains a detailed explanation of the term (see e.g., Lottery Spawn or Time of Death). Articles which do nothing more than define a term are subject to deletion and/or redirection to the Final Fantasy XI Dictionary of Terms and Slang, where such short definitions belong.

Data Files

Items which can be identified only by a data (.dat) file may be referenced in the FFXIclopedia. These items must contain the {{Datfilesonly}} template, which identifies the item as potentially not existing in the game. These items are subject to speedy deletion if the .dat file is subsequently removed by Square Enix.

Product Advertisements/Third-party Add-ons

Articles containing the discussion, advertisement, or sale of any material not put out by Square Enix are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, any mods, accessories, programs, or other related add-ons to the game other than the actual Final Fantasy XI game product itself or any of its expansions. In cases where an add-on may interfere with a particular quest's function, users can note this on the quest's talk page, but not the main page.

Real Money Trade

No articles which relate to Real Money Trade (RMT) are permitted in the FFXIclopedia.

Editing of this article is disabled pursuant to the Protection Policy. Users may discuss changes or request unprotection on the talk page.

This article uses material from the "FFXI:Prohibited_Articles" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.