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This notice has been placed on your talk page because you have recently uploaded one or more pictures that violate our Image Policy. You may either be new to the site and/or unfamiliar with our policy, so to facilitate your editing; here is an annotated version of FFXIclopedia's policy regarding images:

1) Images should be named exactly after the subject or item portrayed, without abbreviation. Images should not start with Image, Img, PlayOnline timestamp prefixes, or otherwise.
For example if you are uploading an image of a Robber Crab, the filename should be named something like RobberCrab.png. Filenames like Crab.png, Del080413193409a.png, Img-Robber Crab.png, or Crab-Image.png are not acceptable.
2) Images should not contain any type of branding, such as a website name or the name of the uploader. Item images should not be signed or altered (i.e. via photoshop, DAT swaps, or any other 3rd party modifications) in any fashion. This includes signing your uploads with ~~~~, as the software automatically does that on the image page itself.
3) Images of items should not be blown up or shrunk down to accomodate for size or lack thereof. Image editors are for cropping around the border of the item and saving only. Please upload only the appropriately sized image.
4) Avoid saving images as JPG files in Microsoft Paint when the image started out as a PNG or BMP. This causes an undesired image grain.
5) Images of items should not have transparent backgrounds showing other players, zones, or any other obstructions. Preferred in-game backgrounds are #2 and #4 under Config > Windows
6) NPC or Mob images should be taken to the best of your ability with no other obstructions in the image besides the NPC or Monster.

Any image uploaded that does not follow this format, will either be flagged with a {{Picture Replace}} tag or subject to deletion, depending on the severity of the violation. For more detailed information, please see the image policy.

Once you have read and understood the policy, feel free to delete this notice from your talk page, or keep it if you wish to reference the policy. Thank you for understanding - FFXIclopedia Administrators
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This article uses material from the "Template:Images" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.