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Job Trait Overview[edit]

  • Game Description: May cancel target's attack with an attack of your own.
  • Job Traits are always active.

Effect Overview[edit]

  • Counter attacks are able to critical.
  • A critical counter attack will not display any special animation, visual effect or sound effect, only a significant increase in damage.
  • Counter effects from gear, food or buffs do not require the job trait to be enabled.
  • Counterstance: Counter rate can be improved significantly (at cost of a very heavy penalty to Defense) with the Monk job ability Counterstance active. Counterstance is further improved (for Monks only) if activated while wearing Melee Gaiters/+1/+2; Melee Gaiters may be removed after using Counterstance, and the enhanced effect will be retained.
  • Consult the Counterstance page for further details regarding Defense calculation and counter rate enhancement while under this effect.
  • It is possible to counter the attacks of more than one enemy, as long as they are in your range of view and are attacking you.
  • It is possible to counter while using Cover as a Monk/Paladin, Paladin/Monk, or Blue Mage/Paladin.
  • Opponent's attack must bypass the check for character's Evasion, shadows (Blink/Utsusemi), and Parry for this trait to trigger.
  • The check for counter is performed before guard, and so increasing your counter rate reduces your chance to guard (as much as possible, avoid adding gear that increases/enhances Counter when attempting to skill up Guard).
  • Counterattacks are subject to an accuracy check. If your base Counter Rate is 20% and your hit rate is only 50%, you will counter approximately 10% attacks that bypass evasion, shadows and parry.
  • This trait has no effect on enemy TP attacks.
  • This trait has no effect on magic-based or ranged attacks.
  • For dual weapon users (such as hand-to-hand) you counter with only your main weapon (or one fist).
  • Special damage types do not apply to counters. For example, Vampiric Claws normally deliver slashing damage, but during counters the damage type is blunt. Also, Formless Strikes effect is not applied to counters.
  • Counters do not earn the user any TP. However the opponent will gain TP as if it was hit with a normal attack.
  • Weapon skill-ups can occur during counters, just as for normal attack turns. Evasion skill-ups may also occur.
  • A character under the Stun (Status Effect) will be unable to Counter any attacks until effect wears off.
  • A character under Sleep (Status Effect) will be unable to Counter the next attack if it lands. In terms of ballista, includes Double Attack, Dual Wield weapons, and multi-hit weapons such as Kraken Club.
  • It is possible to counter in the middle of casting a spell and this will not interrupt the spell.
  • You will not take damage from spike spells while countering.
  • It is possible to miss a counter attack. In the case of a missed normal counter, there will be no special animation or message; you will simply take a hit. In the case that Perfect Counter is active and you miss a counter, you will see the message "Player attempts to counter enemy's attack, but misses."

Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait[edit]

Set any two of the following Blue Magic spells to obtain this trait:

Level Available Spell Set Point Cost
67 Enervation 5
70 Asuran Claws 2
93 Dark Orb 3

Equipment that Enhances this Trait[edit]

Name Level Type Enhancement
Avenger's Earring 42 Earrings +1
Aikido Koshita 50 Legs +2
Cross-Counters 50 Hand-to-Hand +5
Kampfer Ring 50 Ring +2 (Latent Effect)
Retaliators 50 Hand-to-Hand +5
Temple Hose 60 Legs +1
Counter Earring 61 Earrings +5 (Enchantment)
Muscle Belt 67 Waist +1 (Latent Effect)
Muscle Belt +1 67 Waist +2 (Latent Effect)
Cobra Harness Set 68 Set Bonus +1/+2/+3/+4 (Set Effect)
Danzo Tekko 69 Hands +2 / Campaign: +4
Kampfer Earring 70 Earrings +5 (Latent Effect)
Palladium Dagger 70 Daggers +1
Pahluwan Katars 70 Hand-to-Hand +1 (Assault)
Mercenary's Subligar 70 Legs +5 (Besieged)
Rune Baghnakhs 70 Hand-to-Hand +1 (Latent Effect)
Barbarian Mittens 71 Hands +1
Rasetsu Hakama 72 Legs +1 (Latent Effect)
Rasetsu Hakama +1 72 Legs +1
Rasetsu Jinpachi 72 Head +1 (Latent Effect)
Rasetsu Jinpachi +1 72 Head +1
Rasetsu Samue 72 Body +1 (Latent Effect)
Rasetsu Samue +1 72 Body +1
Rasetsu Sune-Ate 72 Feet +1 (Latent Effect)
Rasetsu Sune-Ate +1 72 Feet +1
Rasetsu Tekko 72 Hands +1 (Latent Effect)
Rasetsu Tekko +1 72 Hands +1
Saotome Haidate 72 Legs +15% (Seigan+Third Eye)
Saotome Haidate +1 72 Legs +15% (Seigan+Third Eye)
Ace's Locket 74 Neck +5 (Latent Effect)
Deae Gratia 74 Club +1
Temple Hose +1 74 Legs +3
Backlash Torque 75 Neck +1
Omicron Ring 75 Ring +2 (Salvage)
Usukane Gote 75 Hands +2
Spharai (75) 75 Hand-to-Hand +5
Spharai (80) 80 Hand-to-Hand +7 Verification Needed
Spharai (85) 85 Hand-to-Hand +9 Verification Needed
Moonshade Earring 90 Earrings +3 (Optional Augment)
Spharai (90) 90 Hand-to-Hand +11 Verification Needed
Spharai (95) 95 Hand-to-Hand +11 Verification Needed
Smilodon Mask 98 Head +3
Spharai (99) 99 Hand-to-Hand +13 Verification Needed

Wildskeeper Reive/Records of Eminence Key Items that Augments this Trait[edit]

Key Item Name Augment Enhancement
Booming Naakual paragon Counter +2


Counter II[edit]

  • 13% Counter Rate
  • Obtained: Monk Level 81 Verification Needed

Enhances Counter[edit]

Enhances Counter II[edit]

Enhances Counter III[edit]

Enhances Counter IV[edit]

Enhances Counter V[edit]

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