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Job Ability[edit]

  • Increases chance to counter but lowers defense.
  • Obtained: Monk Level 45
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: 5:00


  • Since the ability's recast time and duration are the same, this ability may technically be active at all times unless it is dispelled.
  • Keeping this ability active will increase a character's counter rate to a base of ~50% before gear and merits.
  • While this ability is active, the user's defense rating is calculated only using the character's VIT and any bonuses from Minne. Defense bonuses and penalties from any other source (Armor, Job Traits, Protect) will be ignored (however, "Defense down" effects from enemies will still apply).
  • Equation for calculating Def based on VIT after using Counterstance is VIT/2 + 1.Verification Needed
    • The equation seems to have been updated to be 1/2 normal defense.
  • Combining with Job abilities that reduce defense, such as Berserk, will lower your defense further.
  • Adds an amount of enmity to user approximately equal to one half of a Provoke.
  • The effect of "Enhanced Counterstance" on Melee Gaiters is not well understood, but is currently believed to be a flat enhancement of +10%, due to the results of recent tests.

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /ja "Counterstance" <me>


This article uses material from the "Counterstance" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.