The Forbidden Path

Start NPC Lehko Habhoka - Windurst Waters (S)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Items Needed Bottled Pixie
Key ItemScintillant strand
Key ItemRefulgent strand
Key ItemIrradiant strand
Title Granted Karaha-Baruha's Research Assistant
Repeatable No
Reward Varies, see below
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The Long March North Mission: Crossroads of Time

Quest: Sins of the Mothers


  • The Winged: Head to Castle Oztroja (S) and examine the Writhing Flame in the northeast corner of (G-7) on the first map for a cutscene.
  • Trade a Testimony of your current job to the Writhing Flame to receive Key ItemRefulgent strand.
    • Use caution as the Yagudo roaming in the hallway may aggro as soon as you are out of the CS.
    • If you catch aggro, the cutscene will drop aggro, if you're quick enough.
    • You can trade the Testimony more quickly if you set a macro for it, such as "/item 'Smn. Testimony' <t>", target the Writhing Flame, and use it the moment your invisible wears off.
    • It doesn't matter if the Testimony has already been used for a "Shattering Stars" fight, a "torn" testimony works.
    • The Testimony is not returned to your inventory on completing the cutscene.
    • This can be accomplished on nearly any job at any level (i.e. you can trade a Warrior Testimony as a lvl 1 WAR). It cannot be finished on Geomancer or Rune Fencer due to them lacking testimonies.

  • Return to Velda-Galda Windurst Waters (S) (K-9 Northern map) by the gate to Windurst Walls and speak to him to return each item.
    • Total of three cutscene conversations to turn in all three items.
  • Wait till new game day and speak to Velda-Galda again.
    • NOTE: Quest is not completed until you have received your reward, not having enough room in your inventory will result in having to watch the cutscene again.
    • NOTE: Reward is based on job at the time you receive this cutscene.
    • NOTE: Characters on Geomancer or Rune Fencer can not complete this quest, even though the last cutscene is shown to them. There is simply no reward defined for those jobs, so the quest does not complete until you change to another job and talk to Velda-Galda again.


Reward Jobs
Strength Potion WAR, MNK, DRK, SAM, DRG
Dexterity Potion THF, PUP, DNC
Vitality Potion PLD
Agility Potion RNG, NIN, COR
Intelligence Potion BLM, SMN, BLU, SCH
Mind Potion WHM, RDM
Charisma Potion BST, BRD

Game Description[edit]

Lehko Habhoka (Windurst Waters (S))
In his secret laboratory deep beneath Windurst, the genius Karaha-Baruha pores over ancient tomes, that he might once again summon the Great Beast in his nation's time of need. Deliver what he seeks to Velda-Galda by the gate to Windurst Walls!

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