Monster Classification

This is a set of tables describing how the different classes of mobs behave in general.

NV = Night Vision, can see especially far away at night. (Use Invisible)
CV = Clear Vision, can see especially far at daytime (Use Invisible)
H = Hearing, senses people's movement, even if behind (Use Sneak)
V = Vision, normal vision and cannot see behind self (Use Invisible)
M = Magic, senses when magic is used near by (Don't cast)
D = Dying/Low HP, senses by scent people with 75%(yellow) and less HP
S = Smell, used for tracking. Monsters can not detect by scent but they do use it to follow a player after the player gets aggroed. (Use Deodorize)
  • Vision related monsters see a span of ~80 degrees in front of them; but their range is often very short.
  • Clear Vision monsters can sense you from far away if you are directly in their line of sight, but have less range for left and right of their line of vision.
  • Hearing monsters sense sound 360 degrees around them.
  • Magic also is sensed all around the monster, 360 degrees.


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Goblin Light NV XXX  
Orc Water NV/S XXX  
Orcish Warmachine Water NV/S XXX  
Quadav Thunder H   XXX
Yagudo Ice CV XXX  
Gigas Fire ??? V XXX  
Tonberry Ice NV XXX  
Antica Wind H   XXX
Sahagin Thunder H   XXX

First Set[edit]


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Rabbit Thunder/Water/Dark CV/S XXX  
Sheep Thunder/Water CV/S XXX  
Ram Unknown V XXX  
Dhalmel Wind/Thunder CV/S XXX  
Tiger Fire/Thunder NV/S XXX  
Opo-opo Ice CV/S XXX  
Coeurl Earth NV/S XXX  
Manticore Water CV/S XXX  
Behemoth Unknown True Sight    
Buffalos Unknown CV    


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Lizard Ice/Wind H   XXX
Raptor Water H   XXX
Eft Unknown H   XXX
Bugard Ice H   XXX
Peiste Ice V XXX  
Wivre Ice/Wind S    


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Bee Ice CV/S XXX  
Crawler Ice/Thunder/Dark H/S   XXX
Beetle Ice/Light CV/S XXX  
Fly Ice H   XXX
Scorpion Ice/Light H   XXX
Antlion Wind H   XXX
Flytrap Ice H   XXX
Spider Ice H   XXX


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Mandragora Fire/Ice/Wind/Thunder/Dark H   XXX
Sapling Fire/Dark H   XXX
Funguar Light H   XXX
Morbol Fire H   XXX
Treant Fire/Dark H   XXX
Goobbue Unknown H   XXX
Sabotender Ice/Dark H   XXX

Second Set[edit]


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Bird Ice H   XXX
Roc Ice CV XXX  
Bat Wind/Light H   XXX
Bat Trio Wind/Light H   XXX
Cockatrice Wind CV XXX  
Hippogryphs Unknown True Sight CV    


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Pugil Ice/Thunder H   XXX
Crab Ice/Thunder H   XXX
Sea Monk Ice/Thunder H   XXX


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Worm Wind/Light H   XXX
Slime Earth H/S   XXX
Clot Unknown H/S   XXX
Hecteyes Unknown H/S   XXX
Leech Light H/S   XXX

Opposites First Set[edit]


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Skeleton Fire/Light H/D   XXX
Fomor Fire/Light H/D   XXX
Hound Fire/Light H/D   XXX
Ghost Fire/Light H/D   XXX
Doomed Fire/Light H/D   XXX
Shadow Fire/Light H/D   XXX


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Bomb Fire CV/M XXX  
Snoll Fire CV/M XXX  
Doll Thunder CV/M XXX  
Magic Pot None H/M   XXX
Cardian None H/M   XXX
Evil Weapon Fire H/M   XXX
Golem Unknown CV/M XXX  
Mimic Unknown H/M   XXX
Detector Unknown H/M   XXX

Opposites Second Set[edit]


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Dragon Unknown H   XXX
Wyvern Dark V XXX  
Wyrm Varies True Sight    


Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Demon Light V XXX  
Ahriman None V/H XXX XXX
Taurus Unknown True Sight CV    
Imp Light, Ice CV True Sight  
Soulflayer Light, Lightning Magic, True Hearing, Job Abilities    

Not Yet Classified[edit]

Type Weak Point Sense Invisible Sneak
Adamantoise Ice True Sound    
Elemental Magic M    
Archaic Gears   Magic, True Hearing, True Sight    


Some of the monster classes are not aggressive and do not link, these are often the lower level ones. Most HNM or stronger type monsters will also see through your sneak/Invisible abilities (see True Sight or True Hearing). Many are also non-aggressive unless a certain thing happens. Detectors will scan as "not a challenge", however if you are seen they will summon something strong to attack you. Anyways, use caution.

Any mob that aggroes normally (if they're mid EP or higher) will aggro you if you are resting in their detection, even if they're Too Weak to be worthwhile.

Sneak/Invisible do not overwrite themselves. The caster can recast Invisible (but not sneak) on themselves anytime (you do not have to remove the spell first) and not be seen. This is due to the order that the game deals with things- the act of casting invis makes it wear off, and then since you just cast invis you gain the effect of invis. If you need Sneak/Invisible but can't use magic or other abilities, use Silent Oils and Prism Powders instead. Also, you cannot be Invisible to open Coffers or Chests, and the act of doing so will cancel Sneak.

Some monsters have defenses and resists against certain elements, magic, and even statuses. They also have specific stat boosts. Try to use logic when fighting. For example: Antica are weak to Wind, chances are they have strong defense against Earth (which they do).

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