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Increases Critical Hit Damage

Equipment or traits with this effect will increase the damage of all Critical Hits by a percentage. This includes Ranged Attacks, Critical Hits inside of Weapon Skills, and those triggered by the effects of abilities such as Sneak Attack or Mighty Strikes.

As of the May 2011 Version Update, The cap from equipment, traits and effects is 100%.Verification Needed

Traits that Enhance this Effect[edit]

Trait Job Level Effect
Dead Aim RNG 50 +?% (Ranged Attacks only)
Critical Attack Bonus THF 78 +5%
WAR 78 +5%
DNC 80 +5%
DRK 85 +5%
Critical Attack Bonus II THF 84 +8%
DNC 90Verification Needed +8%
WAR 90Verification Needed +8%

Abilities that Enhance this Effect[edit]

Ability Job Level Effect
Blood Rage WAR 87 +20%

Equipment that Enhances this Effect[edit]


Name Level Slot Jobs Effect
Cruadin 69 Great Sword PLD/DRK +10% (Campaign)
X's Knife 72 Dagger THF/BST +10%Verification Needed
Ferus Algol 80 Great Sword WAR/DRK +?%
Kamome 84 Katana NIN +10%
Percept Bow 87 Archery RNG +?%
Oneiros Knife 88 Dagger RDM/THF/BRD/RNG/NIN +?%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Anwig Salade Augmented * 75 MNK/THF/BST/RNG/NIN/BLU/COR/PUP/DNC +2%
Champion's Galea Augmented * 75 WAR/PLD/DRK/DRG/SAM +2%
Selenian Cap Augmented * 75 WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH +2%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Ginhaku Togi 71 MNK/SAM/PUP +?%
Shikkoku Togi 71 MNK/SAM/PUP +?%
Shinku Togi 71 MNK/SAM/PUP +?%
Loki's Kaftan 79 MNK/THF/RNG/NIN/BLU/COR/DNC +5%
Alcide's Harness 87 MNK/THF/BST/RNG/NIN/BLU/COR/PUP/DNC +?%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Ginhaku Kote 71 MNK/SAM/PUP +2~3%Verification Needed
Shikkoku Kote 71 MNK/SAM/PUP +2~3%Verification Needed
Shinku Kote 71 MNK/SAM/PUP +2~3%Verification Needed


Name Level Jobs Effect
Blitzer Poleyn Augmented * 75 WAR/PLD/DRK/DRG/SAM +3%
Desultor Tassets Augmented * 75 MNK/THF/BST/RNG/NIN/BLU/COR/PUP/DNC +3%
Tatsumaki Sitagoromo Augmented * 75 WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH +3%
Lancer's Cuissots +1 83 DRG +5%
Lancer's Cuissots +2 83 DRG +10%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Ravager's Calligae +2 81 WAR +10%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Iga Erimaki 80 NIN +2%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Fatality Belt 75 WAR/RDM/THF/PLD/DRK/BST/BRD RNG/SAM/NIN/DRG/BLU/COR/DNC +?% (Latent Effect)


Name Level Jobs Effect
Cavaros Mantle 80 WAR/THF/DRK/RNG/NIN/COR/PUP/DNC +3%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Qirmiz Tathlum 83 THF/NIN/DNC +5%
Charis Feather 84 DNC +5%


Name Level Jobs Effect
Brave Grip 72 All Jobs +3.5%

* Requires you to choose the appropriate augment on item creation.

Status effects that Enhance this Effect[edit]


Name Effect
Atma of the Hero +10%Verification Needed (Minor)
Atma of the Razed Ruins +30% (Superior)
Atma of the Sanguine Scythe +30% (Superior)

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This article uses material from the "Increases_Critical_Hit_Damage" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.