Bomb Ash

Bomb Ash


Pinch of bomb ash
The burnt remains of a bomb.

Stackable: 12

Other Uses[edit]

Used in Quests:
Resale Price: 95~105 gil
Guild Resale Price: ~154 gil

Synthesis Recipes[edit]


Used in Recipes[edit]

Desynthesis Recipes[edit]


Obtained from Desynthesis[edit]

  • None

How to Obtain[edit]

Auction House Category: Materials > Alchemy ( )


Price: 463 - 535 gil (750 gil from Green Thumb Moogle)
Name Location Type
Olaf Metalworks (G-7) Standard Merchant
Pipiroon Nashmau (H-6) Standard Merchant
Odoba* Bastok Mines (K-6) Guild Merchant
Green Thumb Moogle Mog Garden Standard Merchant
Requires Key ItemCluster Memento

*Need Alchemy to be initiate or higher.


Zone Rarity
Ifrit's Cauldron Rare
Mount Zhayolm Common

Dropped From[edit]

Name Level Zone
Balloon 8-10 East Sarutabaruta
8-10 West Sarutabaruta
8-10 Inner Horutoto Ruins
8-10 Outer Horutoto Ruins
Bomb 8-10 East Ronfaure
8-10 West Ronfaure
Shrapnel 8-10 North Gustaberg
8-10 South Gustaberg
Grenade 15-17 Tahrongi Canyon
15-17 La Theine Plateau
15-17 Konschtat Highlands
Glide Bomb 20-21 Carpenters' Landing
Will-o'-the-Wisp 22-25 Inner Horutoto Ruins
23-25 Ordelle's Caves
24-25 Meriphataud Mountains
24-25 Jugner Forest
25-26 Carpenters' Landing
25-27 Buburimu Peninsula
25-27 Valkurm Dunes
Fox Fire 24-25 Pashhow Marshlands
Spunkie 28-30 Gusgen Mines
32 Carpenters' Landing
Napalm 31-33 Ordelle's Caves
Ignis Fatuus 34-36 Rolanberry Fields
34-36 Sauromugue Champaign
34-36 Batallia Downs
35-37 Bibiki Bay
35-37 Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle
Feu Follet 35-38 Gusgen Mines
Will-o'-the-Wykes 41 Attohwa Chasm
Puroboros 42-44 Eldieme Necropolis
43-45 Garlaige Citadel
45 Crawlers' Nest
47-49 Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
51-54 Yhoator Jungle
Lava Bomb 47-49 Yuhtunga Jungle
Azer 51-53 Eldieme Necropolis
Hellmine 59-62 Garlaige Citadel
Volcanic Gas 62-68 Ifrit's Cauldron
Enna-enna 65-69 Cape Teriggan
Cannonball 67-68 Ro'Maeve
Bifrons 68-70 Den of Rancor
Unknown Attohwa Chasm
Friar Rush 70 Den of Rancor
Volcanic Bomb 71-78 Ifrit's Cauldron
Teine Sith 75-77 Bibiki Bay
Bomb King NM 16-18 Outer Horutoto Ruins
Dark Spark NM 55 Castle Zvahl Baileys
Bomb Queen NM 80-81 Ifrit's Cauldron


Assault Zone Rank Mission Name ??? Item
Lebros Cavern PSC Excavation Duty ??? Box
Lebros Cavern SP Troll Fugitives ??? Box
Lebros Cavern LC Evade and Escape ??? Box
Lebros Cavern S Apkallu Breeding ??? Box
Lebros Cavern CS Egg Conservation ??? Box

Disclaimer: The listed ??? Item will not always appraise to the desired item.

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