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Additional Effect

Additional effects are attributes of Weapons, Armor, and Ammunition that have a percentage chance of activating during combat. The frequency of the additional effect's activation, sometimes referred to as the "proc rate," is commonly based on the relative level of the monster being attacked, but may involve other factors, such as the current day or the type of monster being attacked.

Only one additional effect can proc for each melee attack based on the priority of the effect:

  1. Spells such as Enthunder or Dread Spikes
  2. Added effects on weapons such as Hofud or Garuda's Dagger
  3. Sambas

It is usually not a good idea to rely on the additional effect of a weapon, as nearly all additional effects activate fairly infrequently, though there are a few rare exceptions that can activate fairly reliably under certain conditions or even 100% of the time.

Adventurers may obtain weapons with additional effects via synthesis, BCNMs, normal monsters, certain Notorious Monsters, Treasure Caskets, and the quest Succor to the Sidhe.

Damage Effects[edit]

Resist Vs. Fire Fire Damage
Level Name Type Notes
5 Bomb Arm Throwing
5 Cluster Arm Throwing
8 Inferno Axe (HQ) Great Axe
8 Prominence Axe Great Axe
12 Burning Cesti Hand-to-Hand
13 Flame Claymore (HQ) Great Sword
13 Vulcan Claymore Great Sword
18 Fire Sword (HQ) Sword
18 Vulcan Sword Sword
19 Flame Boomerang Throwing (Returning)
19 Grenade Throwing
25 Plantbane Great Axe Vs. Plantoids
27 Inferno Sword (HQ) Great Sword
27 Prominence Sword Great Sword
19 Quake Grenade Throwing
34 Homura (HQ) Great Katana
34 Koen Great Katana
40 Flame Degen (HQ) Sword
40 Vulcan Degen Sword
45 Fire Arrow Archery
51 Fire Staff (HQ) Staff
54 Smart Grenade Throwing
60 Grand Knight's Arrow Archery
65 Ifrit's Blade Sword
67 Ascention Scythe Vs. Undead
68 Dragon Claws (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
73 Bahadur (HQ) Great Sword
74 Suzaku's Scythe Scythe
75 Algol Great Sword
Resist Vs. Water Water Damage
Level Name Type Notes
11 Hydro Baghnakhs (HQ) Hand-to-Hand Requires hydro pump
12 Hydro Axe (HQ) Great Axe Requires hydro pump
25 Anthos Xiphos Sword
27 Dolphin Staff Staff
30 Hydro Claws (HQ) Hand-to-Hand Requires hydro pump
32 Whale Staff (HQ) Staff
34 Hydro Cutter (HQ) Great Axe Requires hydro pump
40 Beluga Scythe
51 Water Staff (HQ) Staff
55 Water Arrow Archery
56 Hydro Patas (HQ) Hand-to-Hand Requires hydro pump
59 Hydro Chopper (HQ) Great Axe Requires hydro pump
62 Arondight Great Sword
65 Leviathan's Rod Club
66 Coral Sword (HQ) Sword
67 Narval Polearm Vs. Undead
70 Murasame Great Katana
71 Bartholomew's Knife Dagger
72 Leviathan's Couse Polearm As a Latent Effect
74 Seiryu's Sword Sword
Resist Vs. Lightning Lightning Damage
Level Name Type Notes
1 Volt Gun Automaton
12 Spark Dagger (HQ) Dagger Requires batteries
13 Spark Bilbo (HQ) Sword Requires batteries
14 Spark Spear (HQ) Polearm Requires batteries
27 Heat Rod Club
34 Spark Lance (HQ) Polearm Requires batteries
36 Spark Degen (HQ) Sword Requires batteries
36 Spark Baselard (HQ) Dagger Requires batteries
40 Riot Grenade Throwing
42 Raifu Great Axe
45 Trident Polearm
45 Lightning Arrow Archery
48 Shellbuster Club Vs. Quadav
51 Thunder Staff (HQ) Staff
53 Thundercloud Polearm
55 Spark Fork (HQ) Polearm Requires batteries
55 Battle Fork (HQ) Polearm
57 Spark Kris (HQ) Dagger Requires batteries
64 Spark Rapier (HQ) Sword Requires batteries
65 Ramuh's Staff Staff
72 Ramuh's Mace Club As a Latent Effect
73 Indra Katars Hand-to-Hand
75 Dabo Polearm
75 Dabo +1 Polearm
Resist Vs. Earth Earth Damage
Level Name Type Notes
49 Galkan Dagger Dagger
51 Earth Staff (HQ) Staff
55 Earth Arrow Archery
60 Gold Musketeer's Uchigatana Great Katana
65 Titan's Cudgel Club
71 Seismic Axe Great Axe
Resist Vs. Wind Wind Damage
Level Name Type Notes
10 Gust Claymore (HQ) Great Sword Requires wind fans
13 Kyofu (HQ) Katana Requires wind fans
22 Sonic Knuckles Hand-to-Hand Requires wind fans
30 Boreas Cesti Hand-to-Hand 100%
30 Mokusa Great Katana
32 Reppu (HQ) Katana Requires wind fans
41 Gust Sword (HQ) Great Sword Requires wind fans
43 Storm Axe Axe
49 Wind Spear Polearm
51 Wind Staff (HQ) Staff
54 Keppu (HQ) Katana Requires wind fans
55 Wind Arrow Archery
58 Forseti's Axe Great Axe
60 Sirocco Axe Axe
69 Gust Tongue (HQ) Great Sword Requires wind fans
69 Wing Sword (HQ) Sword
69 Sirocco Kukri Dagger 100%
70 Palladium Dagger Dagger
74 Prester Staff
74 Byakko's Axe Great Axe
Resist Vs. Ice Ice Damage
Level Name Type Notes
5 Snoll Arm Throwing
20 Cougar Baghnakhs Hand-to-Hand
21 Mammut Great Axe
27 Frostreaper Scythe
32 Lizard Piercer Polearm
39 Ice Brand Great Sword
45 Ice Arrow Archery
47 Yagudo Freezer Throwing Vs. Yagudo
50 Walrus Staff Staff
51 Ice Staff (HQ) Staff
72 Shiva's Shotel Sword As a Latent Effect
Resist Vs. Light Light Damage
Level Name Type Notes
24 Pixie Mace Club
30 Holy Bolt Marksmanship
36 Holy Sword (HQ) Sword
36 Sacred Sword Sword
36 Spirit Sword Sword
38 Holy Maul (HQ) Club
38 Sacred Maul Club
38 Spirit Maul Club
38 Hallowed Sword Sword
41 Orc Piercer Polearm Vs. Orcs
43 Holy Mace (HQ) Club
43 Sacred Mace Club
45 Holy Degen (HQ) Sword
45 Sacred Degen Sword
51 Light Staff (HQ) Staff
53 Holy Lance (HQ) Polearm
53 Sacred Lance Polearm
53 Glorious Sword Great Sword
61 Bano Del Sol Dagger Vs. Slimes, 100%
67 Holy Wand (HQ) Club
67 Sacred Wand Club
68 Ascalon Great Sword Vs. Dragons, 100%
71 Hauteclaire Sword
72 Carbuncle's Pole Staff As a Latent Effect
73 Shiranui Katana Nighttime only
74 Skofnung Great Sword Vs. Gigas
Resist Vs. Dark Darkness Damage
Level Name Type Notes
31 Demonic Sword Great Sword
51 Dark Staff (HQ) Staff
55 Demonslicer Scythe
55 Djinn Arm Throwing
62 A l'Outrance Scythe Vs. Beasts, 100%
65 Colichemarde (HQ) Sword
Regen (Status Effect).png HP Drain
Level Name Type Notes
25 Bloody Bolt Marksmanship
39 Vampiric Claws Hand-to-Hand
54 Muketsu (HQ) Katana
55 Bloodsword Sword
55 Bloody Rapier (HQ) Sword
57 Revenging Staff (HQ) Staff
58 Bloody Blade (HQ) Sword
62 Kogitsunemaru Katana Vs. Vermin
63 Bloody Lance (HQ) Polearm
63 Bloody Sword (HQ) Sword
67 Dainslaif Sword
71 Grim Staff Staff
71 Kerykeion Club
73 Death Scythe (HQ) Scythe
74 Deae Gratia Club
75 Hofud Sword HP or MP Drain
Refresh (Status Effect).png MP Drain
Level Name Type Notes
12 Aspir Knife Dagger
15 Pestle Staff
50 Lilith's Rod Club ~20-30%
58 Fey Wand Club
60 Archalaus's Pole Staff
60 Leech Scimitar Sword
70 Naigama (HQ) Scythe
70 Havoc Scythe Scythe
74 Enforcer Scythe
75 Hofud Sword HP or MP Drain
Regain (Status Effect).png TP Drain
Level Name Type Notes
72 Shinsoku Great Katana
73 Namikirimaru Great Katana

Status Effects[edit]

Poison (Status Effect).png Poison
Level Name Type Notes
19 Poison Arrow Archery
20 Poison Dagger (HQ) Dagger
20 Poison Baselard (HQ) Dagger
21 Poison Knife (HQ) Dagger
24 Poison Kukri (HQ) Dagger
24 Nadrs Sword
25 Venom Bolt Marksmanship
26 Busuto (HQ) Katana
27 Poison Cesti (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
33 Poison Baghnakhs (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
36 Poison Claws (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
38 Poison Katars (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
53 Viperine Pick Axe
53 Venom Knife (HQ) Dagger
57 Venom Claws (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
57 Venom Kris (HQ) Dagger
61 Hornet Fleuret (HQ) Sword
63 Venom Baselard (HQ) Dagger
63 Venom Katars (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
66 Kororito (HQ) Katana
68 Venom Kukri (HQ) Dagger
72 Leopard Axe Axe
75 Snakeeye (HQ) Throwing (Returning) Latent effect:+5 STR while poisoned.
75 Mandau Dagger
Blind (Status Effect).png Blind
Level Name Type Notes
7 Blind Dagger (HQ) Dagger
7 Blind Knife (HQ) Dagger
10 Blind Bolt Marksmanship
41 Bokuto (HQ) Katana
75 Apocalypse Scythe
Sleep (Status Effect).png Sleep
Level Name Type Notes
20 Sleep Bolt Marksmanship
30 Sleep Dagger Dagger
30 Hypno Staff Staff
35 Sleep Arrow Archery
72 Somnus Signa Staff
Slow (Status Effect).png Slow
Level Name Type Notes
47 Time Hammer Club
59 Kabrakan's Axe Axe 50% on Earthsday
75 Diabolos's Pole Staff
Silence (Status Effect).png Silence
Level Name Type Notes
12 Silence Dagger (HQ) Dagger
12 Hushed Dagger Dagger
16 Mokuto (HQ) Katana
16 Seito Katana
19 Silence Baghnakhs (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
19 Hushed Baghnakhs Hand-to-Hand
65 Garuda's Dagger Dagger 30% on Windsday
70 Kabura Arrow Archery
Paralyze (Status Effect).png Paralysis
Level Name Type Notes
25 Custodes Hand-to-Hand
26 Tigerhunter Axe Vs. Tigers
59 Dragvandil Sword
60 Patriarch Protector's Arrow Archery
65 Shiva's Claws Hand-to-Hand
69 Corsair's Scimitar Sword
70 Paralysis Arrow Archery
71 Gawain's Axe Great Axe
75 Kikoku Katana
Bind (Status Effect).png Bind
Level Name Type Notes
1 Caduceus Club Vs. Arcana
50 Kageboshi Katana
75 Scarecrow Scythe Scythe Vs. Birds
Gravity (Status Effect).png Weight
Level Name Type Notes
37 Harvester Scythe Vs. Plantoids
62 Heavy Lance Polearm
70 Magnet Knife Dagger
Stun (Status Effect).png Stun
Level Name Type Notes
24 Webcutter Scythe Vs. Vermin
30 Spartan Bullet Marksmanship
62 Stun Claws (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
65 Stun Knife (HQ) Dagger
65 Platinum Grip (HQ) Grip
66 Stun Jamadhar (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
69 Stun Kukri (HQ) Dagger
70 Purgatory Mace Club
72 Mamushito (HQ) Katana
Curse (Status Effect).png Curse
Level Name Type Notes
20 Misery Staff Staff
45 Ancient Sword Sword
93 Ultio grip Grip
Evasion Down (Status Effect).png Impairs evasion
Level Name Type Notes
20 Cruel Scythe Scythe
20 Cruel Spear Polearm
55 Dotanuki Great Katana
60 Dark Mezraq (HQ) Polearm
72 Adder Jambiya (HQ) Dagger
73 Bayard's Sword Sword
75 Bravura Great Axe
75 Mezraq (HQ) Polearm
75 Thalassocrat (HQ) Polearm
Defense Down (Status Effect).png Weakens defense
Level Name Type Notes
15 Acid Bolt Marksmanship
23 Acid Dagger (HQ) Dagger
23 Melt Dagger Dagger
31 Acid Knife (HQ) Dagger
31 Melt Knife Dagger
34 Acid Kukri (HQ) Dagger
34 Melt Kukri Dagger
39 Emeth Pick Axe Vs. Dolls
40 Acid Baselard (HQ) Dagger
40 Melt Baselard Dagger
41 Acid Claws (HQ) Hand-to-Hand
41 Melt Claws Hand-to-Hand
46 Melt Katana Katana
46 Yoto (HQ) Katana
54 Arcana Breaker Club Vs. Arcana
73 Guespiere Sword
75 Gungnir Polearm
Attack Down (Status Effect).png Weakens attacks
Level Name Type Notes
60 Demon Arrow Archery
72 Dreizack Polearm
75 Amanomurakumo Great Katana


Level Name Type Additional Effect
58 Chicken Knife Dagger Flee
59 Dominion Mace Club Restores HP
64 Lockheart Great Sword Dispel
66 Power Staff Staff STR Boost
66 Mythril Heart (HQ) Great Sword Dispel
69 Cocytus Pole Staff Ice Spikes
70 Balmung Great Sword Dispel
75 Claustrum Staff Dispel
75 Excalibur Sword Damage proportionate to current HP
75 Guttler Axe Choke
75 Mjollnir Club Recover MP
75 Imperial Egg (HQ) Throwing Provoke
80 Vermeil Bhuj Great Axe Amnesia
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