Dark Element Magic Spells

Spell MP Element Type
Absorb-ACC 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-AGI 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-CHR 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-DEX 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-INT 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-MND 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-STR 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-TP 33 Darkness Dark
Absorb-VIT 33 Darkness Dark
Aspir 10 Darkness Dark
Blind 5 Darkness Enfeebling
Blind II 31 Darkness Enfeebling
Bio 15 Darkness Dark
Bio II 36 Darkness Dark
Bio III 54 Darkness Dark
Blood Drain 10 Darkness Blue Magic
Blood Saber 25 Darkness Blue Magic
Carol, Light - Darkness Enhancing Song
Death Ray 49 Darkness Blue Magic
Diabolos 15 Darkness Summoning
Digest 20 Darkness Blue Magic
Dispel 25 Darkness Enfeebling
Drain 21 Darkness Dark
Drain II 37 Darkness Dark
Dread Spikes 78 Darkness Dark
Enervation 48 Darkness Blue Magic
Escape 125 Darkness Enhancing
Eyes On Me 112 Darkness Blue Magic
Fenrir 15 Darkness Summoning
Geist Wall 35 Darkness Blue Magic
Jettatura 37 Darkness Blue Magic
Kurayami: Ichi Sairui-Ran Darkness Ninjutsu
Kurayami: Ni Sairui-Ran Darkness Ninjutsu
MP Drainkiss 20 Darkness Blue Magic
Noctohelix 87 Darkness Elemental
Retrace 150 Darkness Enhancing
Sleep 19 Darkness Enfeebling
Sleep II 29 Darkness Enfeebling
Sleepga 38 Darkness Enfeebling
Sleepga II 58 Darkness Enfeebling
Soporific 38 Darkness Blue Magic
Sandspray 43 Darkness Blue Magic
Light Threnody - Darkness Enfeebling Song
Tractor 26 Darkness Dark
Voidstorm 30 Darkness Enhancing
Warp 100 Darkness Enhancing
Warp II 150 Darkness Enhancing
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