Moa Constrictors

Type: BCNM
Zone: Balga's Dais
          Level: No restriction.
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Orb: Atropos Orb (30 Kindred's Seals)






Giant Moa x 2





Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

All of:
Cockatrice Skin x2 (100%)
Zero to one of:
Dodo Skin (???%)
One of:
Expunger (???%)
Heart Snatcher (???%)
Morgenstern (???%)
Gravedigger (???%)
One of:
Evoker's Boots (???%)
Ostreger Mitts (???%)
Pineal Hat (???%)
Tracker's Kecks (???%)
One of:
Absorbing Shield (???%)
Adaman Ingot (???%)
Orichalcum Ingot (???%)
Zero to One of:
Pole Grip (???%)
Spear Strap (???%)
Claymore Grip (???%)
One of:
Gold Ore (???%)
Platinum Ore (???%)
Darksteel Ore (???%)
Rainbow Cloth (???%)
Ram Horn (???%)
Demon Horn (???%)
Ebony Log (???%)
Petrified Log (???%)
Vile Elixir (???%)
Coral Fragment (???%)
Gold Thread (???%)
Mahogany Log (???%)
Mythril Ore (???%)
Hi-Reraiser (???%)
Wyvern Scales (???%)
One of:
Damascus Ingot (???%)
Damascene Cloth (???%)
Beetle Blood (???%)
Philosopher's Stone (???%)
Raxa (???%)
Phoenix Feather (???%)


  • Both use Cockatrice special attacks; Contagion Transfer, a special single attack that absorbs up to 8 positive AND negative effects (including Food, Job Ability effects, and petrification, but 2 hours are not absorbed); and Contagion, a very wide aoe attack that transfers all negative effects from the Giant Moa to the players within range.


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