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FFXI:Community Portal

Community Portal

Help out

Many articles are incomplete or otherwise need attention.
There are many things to do to help out.

Things to do

Fix-up projects

Resources, Policies and Guidelines

This wiki has a number of different resources and policies. Here are some of the more helpful and important ones.


Help / New User Info

About This Wiki
New Members Guide by Birgitte
Special Pages


Editing Guide
Editing Tips
List of categories
List of images
List of templates

Policies and guidelines

Editing Policies

Bot Policy
Drop Rate Policy
Image Policy
Link Policy
Naming Conventions
Prohibited Articles
Software Limitations
Userbox Policy

Community Policies

Appropriate Behavior
Inappropriate Behavior
Content Control & Article Ownership
User Pages
User Signatures

Administrator Related

Article Protection
Guide to Deletion
Vandal Reports

Legal Policies

General Disclaimer
Privacy Policy

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