Wind Element Magic Spells

Spell MP Element Type
Aero 18 Wind Elemental
Aero II 59 Wind Elemental
Aero III 106 Wind Elemental
Aero IV 150 Wind Elemental
Aeroga 57 Wind Elemental
Aeroga II 138 Wind Elemental
Aeroga III 252 Wind Elemental
Air Spirit 10 Wind Summoning
Anemohelix 87 Wind Elemental
Barpetrify 20 Wind Enhancing
Barpetra 40 Wind Enhancing
Barstone 6 Wind Enhancing
Barstonra 12 Wind Enhancing
Blink 20 Wind Enhancing
Earth Carol - Wind Enhancing Song
Chaotic Eye 13 Wind Blue Magic
Choke 25 Wind Elemental
Deodorize 10 Wind Enhancing
Enaero 12 Wind Enhancing
Quick Etude - Wind Enhancing Song
Swift Etude - Wind Enhancing Song
Feather Barrier 29 Wind Blue Magic
Feather Tickle 48 Wind Blue Magic
Flying Hip Press 125 Wind Blue Magic
Frightful Roar 32 Wind Blue Magic
Garuda 7 Wind Summoning
Gravity 24 Wind Enfeebling
Haste 40 Wind Enhancing
Healing Breeze 55 Wind Blue Magic
Hecatomb Wave 116 Wind Blue Magic
Huton: Ichi Kawahori-Ogi Wind Ninjutsu
Huton: Ni Kawahori-Ogi Wind Ninjutsu
Huton: San Kawahori-Ogi Wind Ninjutsu
Invisible 15 Wind Enhancing
Sheepfoe Mambo - Wind Enhancing Song
Dragonfoe Mambo - Wind Enhancing Song
Raptor Mazurka - Wind Enhancing Song
Chocobo Mazurka - Wind Enhancing Song
Monomi: Ichi Sanjaku-Tenugui Wind Ninjutsu
Mysterious Light 73 Wind Blue Magic
Refueling 29 Wind Blue Magic
Sneak 20 Wind Enhancing
Silence 16 Wind Enfeebling
Stinking Gas 37 Wind Blue Magic
Earth Threnody - Wind Enfeebling Song
Tonko: Ichi Shinobi-Tabi Wind Ninjutsu
Tonko: Ni Shinobi-Tabi Wind Ninjutsu
Tornado 322 Wind Elemental
Tornado II 287 Wind Elemental
Utsusemi: Ichi Shihei Wind Ninjutsu
Utsusemi: Ni Shihei Wind Ninjutsu
Voracious Trunk 72 Wind Blue Magic
Windstorm 30 Wind Enhancing
Zephyr Mantle 31 Wind Blue Magic
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