Utsusemi: San

Uses the ninja tool, "Shihei." Creates shadow images that each absorb a single attack directed at you.


Spell cost: Shihei
Spell element: Wind
Magic skill: Ninjutsu


Casting Time: 0.5 seconds
Recast Time: 60 seconds
Spell Duration: 15 minutes or when all images are used up.

How to Obtain[edit]


  • Shadow Count
  • Casting
    • Casting Utsusemi: San will overwrite any remaining Utsusemi shadows with a new set of shadows.
    • Casting Utsusemi: Ichi and Utsusemi: Ni will not overwrite shadows remaining from Utsusemi: SanVerification Needed.
  • Ninjas lose a slight bit of hate with each shadow absorbedVerification Needed.


  • Utsusemi means "Cicada", an insect that sheds a brittle, lifelike shell. It's a rather artistic meaning when one considers the spells' use.
  • The tool for this spell, "Shihei", means paper soldier. This alludes, presumably, to a paper decoy.
  • "Utsusemi" can also be translated roughly into being able to transfer something. In this case, the something is damage. "Shihei" or "toy soldiers" is the item used to transfer the damage.
  • "Utsusemi" can also be translated to "Projection." Which makes sense to the Ninjutsu since you "project" three to four images of yourself to protect yourself.

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