Trial 2182

Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 80
Items Needed Teiwaz 1683 Reward.PNG
Reward IndrasStaff MDmg5 MAcc1.png
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Trial: Deal the finishing blow to a set number of experience-yielding monsters with the prescribed elemental attack.

Objective: 250 monsters of the treants family.

Attack: Resist Vs. Lightning damage of 250 points or greater.

Equipment: Indra's Staff must be equipped.

Possible Locations:

  • Finishing blow may come from any prescribed elemental source in the party, including avatars.
  • Treant saplings.jpg
    Meriphataud Mountains (S)Treant Sapling — (K-5), This camp is very easy to access, low risk, has 8 Saplings on 5 min retimers and the mobs are just high enough lvl to all give ~10 exp to lvl 95. Right: Screenshot of spawns.
  • For a 99RDM/45SCH, Two-shotting would be highly difficult barring another MAB staff (Vourukasha I), outstanding gear, or outside support (Avatar's Favor, Wizard's Roll, etc). At 150 INT and +40 MAB, Ionohelix and melee make an effective combo, with Thunder IV hitting for around 50-55% of the sapling's health.
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