TP Bonus

The TP Bonus trait (found on weapons such as the Martial Knife, Martial Scythe, Martial Anelace, Shamo and Hagun) enhances any weaponskill performed by a weapon on which it appears. A weaponskill so performed is augmented such that its effect is calculated as if it were performed with an extra 1000% TP.

For example, using Tachi: Yukikaze at 1000% TP with a Hagun, a martial great katana, would have the same effect as though you used it at 2000% TP with a non-martial weapon.

Weapons with the TP Bonus trait are commonly used to augment weaponskills whose damage is heavily modified by TP, such as Shark Bite, Tachi: Gekko, Steel Cyclone, Savage Blade and Spiral Hell. While this is its most widespread application, TP Bonus weapons can augment the secondary effects of a weaponskill, such as the accuracy bonus on Asuran Fists or the poison effect of Viper Bite.

TP bonus only works if the weapon on which it is found is equipped in the main hand; a TP bonus weapon in the off hand has no effect. A ranged weapon with the TP Bonus trait will not affect melee weaponskills and vice-versa.

A weaponskill performed at 2000% TP or more will have the effect of a weaponskill performed 3000%. Performing a 3000% TP weaponskill with a TP Bonus weapon yields no noticeable benefit.

A TP Bonus weapon is commonly confused for a Store TP weapon, with the assumption that a TP Bonus weapon allows its user to gain TP more rapidly; this is not the case.

When Sekkanoki is active for a weaponskill, the TP Bonus effect will be ignored, and the true 1000% TP modifier will be used.

Other sources of TP Bonus[edit]

  • Summoner merited Blood Pacts, such as Grand Fall, gain a TP Bonus of 600%-2400% (as of the April 2009 update it should be 0% for the first upgrade to 1600% for the 5th and last upgrade.) based on merits used.
  • A Warrior's Savagery trait will grant a 100-500% TP Bonus while under the effect of Warcry, and half that much to his party.
  • A Blue Mage's Enchainment trait will grant a 100-500% TP Bonus to physical spells cast under Chain Affinity.
  • Some evoliths (DiamondFilledLightLight LightShape FilledDiamond.gif) grant a TP Bonus effect (up to +200%) to Archery, Great Axe, Hand-to-hand and Staff weaponskills, if a suitably slotted weapon is equipped.
  • Beastmasters Ferine Manoplas +1 and Ferine Manoplas +2 grant a TP Bonus of 1000% to all Sic and Ready moves.

Like the Martial weapons, these forms of TP Bonus have no effect while TP is already 300%.

Automatons and TP Bonus[edit]

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