Job Ability[edit]

  • Commands the charmed Pet to make a random special attack.
  • If the mob is a spell casting type it will cast a spell instead of using a special attack.
  • If used BEFORE the mob has enough TP stored, 100%, it will simply wait until it has enough TP and use the special move then. For mobs like Hecteyes this can result in a very powerful spell being used for nice damage right away.
  • Side Note: Be aware that many mobs do AoE special moves, which, when used, will result in a pet that is killed very quickly. Only your pet will get the hate when this happens, so the BST is safe, but without a pet to help.
  • Obtained: Beastmaster Level 25
  • Recast Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds
  • Duration: N/A


  • Commands your charmed pet to use a random special attack, enhancing skill or enfeebling skill once it has sufficient TP.
  • The Sic ability generates a moderate amount of enmity for the master.
  • You can see your pet's current TP by typing <pettp>.
  • You can use this ability before your pet has 100% TP.
    • Doing so will cause the pet to use a random TP move after it attains 100% TP.
    • However, if you use Sic with less than 100% TP on a pet that can use magic such as Worms or Hecteyes, it will use a random magic spell instead of waiting for 100%+ TP to use a random TP skill.
  • The cooldown remaining on Ready charges is a shared timer with the standard Sic ability. If you summon a Jug Pet while your Sic timer is not completely down, it will NOT have 3 charges to start with, it will have exactly enough charges to be at 3 the moment your previous Sic timer expires. The reverse is also true. If you use Ready and burn 3 charges, release your Jug Pet, and Charm a local monster, you will be unable to use the standard Sic for 3 minutes.

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /pet "Sic" <me>

Equipment that Enhances Sic[edit]

Item Enhancement
Aymur (75/80) 50% TP Bonus
Aymur (85/90/95/99/99-2) 100% TP Bonus
Desultor Tassets "Sic" and "Ready" ability delay -5
Ferine Manoplas +1 25% TP Bonus
Ferine Manoplas +2 50% TP Bonus
Charmer's Merlin "Sic" and "Ready" ability delay -5
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