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Structures are destroyable Beastmen buildings or otherwise inanimate objects that serve some purpose in a quest or mission. They can be directly targeted by players and can be damaged like a monster until they are destroyed. With the exception of the Exoplates, they do not fight back, but may be guarded.

Family Information
Type: Unclassified
Charmable: Eks.gif
Pankration: Eks.gif
Aspir: Eks.gif
Drain: Susceptible to Drain

Notorious Monsters in Family[edit]

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Archaic Mirror Click for spawn details Unknown Arrapago Reef
Archaic Mirror (Item)

Quest NMs: None

Mission NMs: Brittle Rock, Elemental Gyve, Exoplates

Battlefield NMs: None

Campaign NMs: Confederate Belfry, Confederate Mantelet, Fortification

Other NMs: Astral Box (Starlight Celebration), Forcer (Moblin Maze Mongers), Zvahl Fortalice

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