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Sambas are one of the five types of dances available to the Dancer job. The different types of Sambas are all placed into one Job Ability category, meaning that when any Samba is used, its individual recast timer must be allowed to cool down before another Samba may be used.

When used, the player's standard melee attacks become temporarily enchanted with the ability to inflict Samba Daze effects upon enemies that they strike. Samba Dazes allow the player and anyone in their party (but not alliance or your Adventure Fellow) to gain beneficial effects upon all of their standard melee attacks against the Dazed enemy for as long as the effect lasts.

The effects granted by Samba Dazes are the lowest priority Additional Effects and only one additional effect may take place with each melee attack. Additional effects are prioritized as:

  1. Spells such as Enthunder or Dread Spikes
  2. Additional effects on weapons such as Hofud or Garuda's Dagger
  3. Sambas

However, if you have both a Samba effect and Enthunder active, it is still possible to hit enemies and inflict them with Dazes. Your party members will recieve from the Samba effect but you will not and deal the Enthunder damage instead.

  • Note* RDM/NIN can cast tier 2 enspells on main hand and receive the benefits from sambas with the offhand weapon. Tested in Kuftal Tunnel with 75RDM/37NIN and 57DNC/25NIN.

Samba Dazes wear off very quickly (approximately 3 ticks or 9 seconds) unless the player who originally danced the Samba continues to hit the enemy with their Samba effect still active. Missed attacks do not count, and neither do hits with Ranged Attacks or Weapon Skills. Although Steps and Violent Flourishes do count.

Wearing the Dancer's Tiara upon activating a Samba ability extends the duration of the Samba effect by 30 seconds. This increases the duration to roughly 3 minutes.

A player may only have one Samba active at a time, and an enemy may only have one Samba Daze effect at a time, per party. If two players with different Samba effects attack the same enemy, their Daze effects will overwrite each other. The Daze effect the enemy will have will correspond with the Samba of the last player that successfully landed a regular melee hit on the enemy. In Campaign, Dynamis, or Besieged where multiple parties can attack the same mob, each party can have its own Samba effect.

Sambas are learned by Dancers at the following levels:

Level Samba
5 Drain Samba
25 Aspir Samba
35 Drain Samba II
45 Haste Samba
60 Aspir Samba II
65 Drain Samba III
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