Ganged Up On

Mission Name Ganged Up On
Number 2 - 5 - 3
Reward Cipher: Lilisette II
Unlocks all mission cutscenes from Wings of the Goddess Missions, even those not yet completed
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Uncertain Destinations
Sacrifice (Mission)


If you have completed Wings of the Goddess and A Forbidden Reunion[edit]

If you have not completed Wings of the Goddess[edit]

Click on a ??? by the Maw in either Batallia Downs, Rolanberry Fields, or Sauromugue Champaign and select the option go to raise your lightsworm, then run up and examine the ornate door for a cutscene.

  • If you have done everything regarding the above... Make sure you have space to receive the Cipher for Lilisette in order to continue. The system will not allow you to proceed forward without receiving the cipher.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Only Altana can make Vana'diel accept Iroha's presence in this world, and the first step to reaching her is to cull the threats that Vana'diel faces. Continue with the Wings of the Goddess missions if you have not met Lilisette.
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