Dungeons and Dancers

Mission Name Dungeons and Dancers
Number 23
Level 75
Items Needed Key ItemAroma Bug
Reward Key ItemUmbra Bug
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A Sanguinary Prelude Distorter of Time



Map 1
  • Buffs wear on entry. Time limit is 30 minutes, and alter egos may be summoned inside.
  • At the start of the mission, each party member will receive 2 Ratstail Explosives that you can use to demolish stone walls marked with ???.
  • When defeated, Goblin Reavers will disappear, after which a glowing ??? will take its place that can award 3 additional Ratstail Explosives. You can only carry 3 explosives at a time. You must check the ??? once per explosive desired.
    • In other words, clicking on the glowing ??? yields 1 Ratstail Explosive. To receive another, click on the glowing ??? again, and again for the third.
    • Goblin Reaver has a respawn time of 5 minutes.
  • If a Giddy Bomb uses Self-Destruct near a destructible wall, there is a chance that it will explode.
  • To detonate a Ratstail Explosive, click on the ??? next to the wall and chose to use it from the menu choice. You do not use your trade ability or use the item.
  • There are 3 different colours of switch to detonate 3 matching colours of firesand. Make sure the colours of the fuse matches the switch.

Optimal path:

  • Go northwest to start and hug the right wall. Blow up the wall at (H/I-9), then blow up the wall to the north at (H-8). Double back and kill the Goblin Reaver, and obtain the 3 explosives. (Do not forget this, remember to check ??? once per explosive desired.)
  • Blow up the wall to the southeast at (I-9), then proceed northeast until you reach the dead-end. Examine it for a cutscene.
  • Examine the dead-end again, and place the jar of Firesand.
  • Circle back to (I-7/8) and trigger the green switch.
  • Go back to the dead-end. You will now be in map 2.
Map 2
  • Blow up the wall to the southeast at (G-8/9).
  • Travel east and blow up the wall at (I-9).
  • Continue southeast and examine the blue warp to exit.
  • You will receive a cutscene and the Key ItemUmbra Bug.
  • Quick summary of locations:
    • Fuse
      • (J-5) Red fuse
      • (J-8) Green fuse
    • Ignition Switch
      • (I-8) Red ignition switch
      • (I-8/9) Blue ignition switch
      • (I-7) Green ignition switch
    • Exit Second map (I-9)


Game Description

Mission Orders
Lilisette and Portia are being detained in a subterranean location somewhere beneath the Beaucedine Glacier. Your rescue effort begins with a search for the entrance underground.
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