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Veridical Conflux

Veridical Conflux

Walk of Echoes[edit]

Used to gain access to Walk of Echoes.

See Walk of Echoes Battlefields for more information.


Used to warp to other Veridical Confluxes in Abyssea. In order to use them they must first be activated, which costs variable amounts of Cruor. To warp to the first one costs zero Cruor. Once you activate a Conflux, it is permanently activated and you will only need the amount of Cruor required to warp to that specific Conflux.

The activation of Veridical Confluxes within Abyssean areas should be of a particularly high priority for adventurers. Due to Abyssea's vast expanses of land, and the ever-present time restriction of Visitant Status, high-speed transportation is of paramount importance to skilled parties seeking particular goals during their stay in Abyssea. It is recommended to activate as many Confluxes as possible within each area so that further excursions to Abyssea will not be hindered by unnecessary traveling time.

The cost to warp between Confluxes must be paid in Cruor, and varies by distance between the two Confluxes being utilized (the sender and receiver). A good rule of thumb to consider is: the greater the physical distance between the two confluxes, the greater the cost in Cruor. Because Cruor costs to use the Confluxes vary by distance, each sending Conflux will ask for an amount of Cruor relative to the distance it is from the receiving Conflux.

Note that the return costs listed in the table below are most likely inaccurate, as each Conflux has its own variable costs depending on its relative location to the others. There is one exception to this rule: Veridical Conflux No. 1 always costs 0 Cruor to return, regardless of its distance from the sending Conflux.

  • Teleportation cost to all Confluxes is reduced by the having one ore more of the following abyssites in your possession: Ivory, Crimson and Indigo Abyssite of Confluence. Each abyssite reduces the cost by 20%.

Abyssea - Tahrongi[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0
1 50 H-12
2 100 H-9
3 150 F-9
4 200 G-7
5 250 H-4
6 300 H-6
7 350 I-7
8 400 J-5

Abyssea - La Theine[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0
1 50 E-3
2 100 D-8
3 150 G-8
4 200 H-7
5 250 I-10
6 300 L-11
7 350 K-6
8 400 I-9

Abyssea - Konschtat[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0
1 50 J-13
2 100 G-10
3 150 D-7
4 200 H-8
5 250 G-6
6 300 F-5
7 350 K-8
8 400 J-4

Abyssea - Attohwa[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0 F-8
1 200 H-9
2 Unknown E-8
3 Unknown J-9
4 Unknown D-7
5 Unknown K-8
6 Unknown G-7
7 Unknown K-10
8 Unknown H-8 Talk to the guard below the ledge to access the camp.

Abyssea - Misareaux[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0 I-7
1 200 K-7
2 400 J-8 In the corner at the edge of the cliff.
3 600 G-7 Qufim Island warp location.
4 800 H-10
5 1000 G-6
6 1200 F-7
7 1400 I-11
8 1600 K-12

Abyssea - Vunkerl[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0 I-9
1 200 F-4
2 Unknown H-6
3 Unknown J-6
4 Unknown G-9 TS Tauri on the way to this one from the south EM to a lvl 82.
5 Unknown H-11
6 Unknown H-13 Off the map and in a cave. Take the south eastern turnoff at G-11.
7 Unknown D-12 Similar to #06, except this time you go through the BLM tiger camp. Conflux is in the small area simular to where 0 is.
8 Unknown F-6/G-6 It's far to the SE edge and difficult to spot. To reach it, take a right from the bridge near the Djinn camp.

Abyssea - Altepa[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0 Unknown
1 600 K-5
2 Unknown M-8
3 Unknown H-4
4 Unknown G-9
5 Unknown F-11
6 Unknown E-9
7 1800 E-7
8 2000 D-11
9 Unknown Unknown

Abyssea - Grauberg[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0 Unknown
1 600 D-14
2 800 I-12
3 1000 J-10 Near border to I-10
4 Unknown G-12 Southwest of the rock
5 1400 F-6
6 1600 H-6 Base of the waterfall
7 1800 E-8
8 2000 J-7 Center of J-7
9 Unknown Unknown

Abyssea - Uleguerand[edit]

No. Cost Pos. Notes
0 0 Unknown
1 Unknown G-11
2 Unknown F-9
3 Unknown F-8
4 1200 I-10
5 1400 L-8
6 1600 J-5
7 1800 F-7
8 1000 D-8 Conflux #03 is located in the lower section of mountain tunnels, where the Range Clionid spawns are
9 Unknown Unknown
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