Cruor is the standard currency of Abyssea. It is described as a red, natural mineral found in deposits on monsters within Abyssea. The Resistance uses Cruor to power its resistance effort.

  • The usual way to obtain it is by killing monsters and completing quests in Abyssea. It can also be found within blue chests.
  • The amount of Cruor gained from killing monsters varies from 10-120 depending on lights and the size of the monster.
  • To farm Cruor and get ~500 per kill, you must alternate the kills between monster types - i.e., opposite to an experience chain. As you alternate you build the Cruor chain. Building Silvery light (only from Red chests) increases this further. See Abyssea Lights for further details.

Cruor can be used to obtain items, activate Veridical Conflux for teleportation, quests, and on Martello.

Your Cruor balance can be checked via the Cruor Prospector found in all Abyssea zones, checking any Veridical Conflux inside Abyssea, or by talking to Horst in Port Jeuno. It can also be found in the menu "Status" > "Currencies" 12 items from the end of the list.

For a list of obtainable gear and items through trading Cruor, see Cruor Prospector.

Historical Background[edit]

Cruor derives from latin. It means splitting blood, or also a bleeding wound. The word was used to describe the most bloody fights in the roman history. Cruor is gained by killing monsters in Abyssea; this is connected to the fact that a kill means a bloodshed.

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