Martellos are constructions set up throughout all Abyssea areas and serve as replenishers for adventurers. Each of the Martellos has a certain amount of energy that can be used. Everytime an adventurer uses it the Martello's energy decreases until its energy reserve is completely depleted.

To replenish a Martello, an adventurer must agree to help a Machine Outfitter located at the camp sites and participate in a replenishing quest. The Machine Outfitter will provide the player with a key item that can be used to replenish a Martello's energy levels.

After using a Martello, you will not be allowed to use them for another 30 minutes. The Ivory Abyssite of Expertise will reduce the wait-time between using Martellos from 30 minutes to 25 minutes and Jade Abyssite of Expertise to reduce for another 5 minutes. Making the wait-time once every 20 minutes per use.

Martello Functions[edit]

  • Recover HP: 15.
    • Restores the user to full HP.
  • Recover MP: 30.
    • Restores the user to full MP.
  • Recover from Status Ailments: 10.
    • Removes all status ailments on the user.

Martello Locations[edit]

Abyssea - La Theine Locations:

  • Martello LT-01: D-4
  • Martello LT-02: D-8 just south of conflux #2
  • Martello LT-03: G-5
  • Martello LT-05: H-6 just down the path from Exoroche (A)
  • Martello LT-06: I-9 (center bottom)
  • Martello LT-07: L-10/11
  • Martello LT-08: I-7 (north west corner)

Abyssea - Konschtat Locations:

  • Martello KS-01: I-13
  • Martello KS-02: G/H-12
  • Martello KS-03: F-9/10
  • Martello KS-04: D-7
  • Martello KS-05: H-7
  • Martello KS-06: G-5
  • Martello KS-07: K-7
  • Martello KS-08: I-5

Abyssea - Tahrongi Locations:

  • Martello TR-01: H-11
  • Martello TR-02: J-11
  • Martello TR-03: H-8, north of Conflux #02
  • Martello TR-04: I/J-9, East of Conflux #02
  • Martello TR-05: F-8
  • Martello TR-06: G-6, north of Conflux#04 (around the mountain) or west of #06
  • Martello TR-07: H-4, east of Conflux #05
  • Martello TR-08: I-7, close to Conflux #07
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