The Will of the World

Mission Name The Will of the World
Number 25
Title Granted Bestrider of Futures
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Distorter of Time Quest 10:
Beneath the Mask
San d'Oria:
Songbirds in a Snowstorm
Sins of the Mothers
Mission 26:
Fate in Haze


  • Return to Southern San d'Oria (S) and talk to Raustigne at (I-7) for a cutscene.
  • Currently there is a Windower bug where your character and Cait Sith will run outside during part of the cutscene and remain standing there. The cutscene will not advance and there is no way to regain control of the game. You will need to forcefully shut down FFXI and start it again to continue. If you want to view the entire cutscene you must exit FFXI before talking to Raustigne and start it again without Windower, and then talk to Raustigne. If the bug is hit the mission will be marked as complete and you won't see the rest of the cutscene.
    • Cutscene finished successfully in June 2017 using windower with no problems; Might be a specific plugin causing it, or it was patched.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Your victory over Cait Sith Ceithir and Atomos is soured as Portia remains in the hands of the portentous Lady Lilith and her Spitewardens. Once again, the unsavory task of breaking the news to Sir Ragelise has fallen to you and Lilisette.
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