Fellow Leveling Guide

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Notes: Information based on level 75 player cap, level 70 fellow cap, pre-GoV, and pre-Adoulin
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Leveling your Adventuring Fellow[edit]

Once you obtain your signal pearl, it is now time to level your fellow. On your Signal Pearl, you will notice it has a 6 hour recast. In addition, you will notice that your fellow will only remain out for an limited time, either 90 minutes or 50 mobs, which condition happens first. As the bond increases, your mob/time limit will increase until a max. of 200 mobs or 180 minutes.

You will find that your fellow can take damage like any pet, and once it dies you have to wait for the recast timer on your signal pearl to return to 0 before you can resummon it. Therefore, you will have to find mobs that do not have any form of AoE attacks, and/or mobs that do not have -ga spells. This means Goblins (except Movalpolis region), Gigas, Sahagin, Rabbits and Orcs are off-limits. Sabotender type mobs, like Cactuar in Eastern/Western Altepa Desert have 1000 Needles, an ability that deals 1000 damage *divided* between you, your NPC & other party members (500~ each for you and NPC, with damage going down depending on number of people in your group) and must therefore be avoided. BLM/WHM/SMN class beastmen are also off-limits due to potential -aga spells.

When it comes down to mobs, these mobs are the best targets for your NPC fellow:

There are other mobs with frontal AOE attacks that are otherwise fine to level on, but you must turn these mobs around where your npc is behind it at all times so your NPC does not get hit:

There are couple other mobs that have light to moderate damage AOE moves. You will need to find a healer to keep your NPC HP high.

When it comes down to the mob selection, just about every one that I listed have been used in XP party setup at one point or another.

Where to Level NPC[edit]

Your goal is to find the mobs that give maximum experience to your NPC while at the same time do not cause long periods of downtime. The higher level your main job is, the easier it will be to level your NPC. Eventually, at some point of time, you will need a small party to finish your NPC leveling, but this likely will not happen until your NPC has gone past level 60.

The number of exp. sessions it will take in order to level if you use mobs that give max exp possible:

  • Level 30-40: Half session per level.
  • Level 40-50: 1 to 2 sessions per level
  • Level 50-60: 2 to 3 sessions per level
  • Level 60-65: 2 to 3 sessions per level
  • Level 70-above: 3 to 4 sessions per level.

After level 50, chances are that the affinity has gone up where you can leave fellow out longer.

There is a chart that tells number of mobs you need to kill in general.

Listed below are where you take your fellow to level. The level ranges listed below are based on your fellow's level, not yours.

Note that after your NPC hits level 50, your main mob will likely be a bat-type mob. At this point it might be very wise to use a party (exp, skill up, farming, events, etc...) to kill these mobs with minimal downtime (and this also allows them to call their NPC). This, however, will depend on your main job level. Also, as soon as you can, you should set your NPC to attacker role (Take note that it is also recommended that you should keep your NPC to healer role if you are a meele based job). Right now the highest your NPC can go is 70. Once your NPC approaches level 60, you will need a 4 or 5 person party in order to kill the mobs, unless your job / level allows you to solo the appropriate prey.

  • Extra info: if you are level 75 any dd job and have /ninja as sub the best place by far to level up your npc level 30 to level 52! is Fei'Yin tower .. specter F7-G7 spot (eastern,western,southern,northern shadow spawn area + Utukku ) 10 monsters, near no aoe , no real agro, 16 minute respawn and a good place to get good rare ex item.
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