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Avatar Physical Attack

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Merit Point Enhancement[edit]

  • Category: Job-specific - Group 1 (Summoner)
  • Limits: 5 levels (Merit Point progression: 1>2>3>4>5 = 15 points total)
  • Game Description: Increases avatars' Physical Attack by 2 per level, for a maximum bonus of +10 Physical Attack at level 5. Note that this affects all physical damage caused by the avatar, just like a player's attack rating.
  • Further Notes:

Equipment with this effect[edit]

Item Level Slot
Evoker's Gages * 70 Hands
Koschei Crackows 71 Feet
Sacrifice Torque 71 Neck
Karura Hachigane * 73 Head
Summoner's Pigaches 73 Feet
Summoner's Pigaches +1 75 Feet
Nirvana * 75 Staff
Royal Redingote / Mirke Wardecors /
Nuevo Coselete Augmented*
75 Body
Tatsumaki Sitagoromo / Blitzer Poleyn /
Desultor Tassets Augmented*
75 Legs
Fay Crozier * 75 Staff
  • Evoker's Gages only applies the attack bonus for Leviathan.
  • Karura Hachigane only applies the attack bonus for Garuda.
  • Nirvana will enhance avatar's attack during a Level 2 Aftermath effect following Garland of Bliss.
  • Augmented rewards from add-on packs require selection of the appropriate augments to gain this effect.
  • Fay Crozier only applies if the appropriate augment is received from the Succor to the Sidhe quest.
This article uses material from the "Avatar_Physical_Attack" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.