Double Dragonian

Type: BCNM
Zone: Horlais Peak
          Level: No restriction.
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Orb: Clotho Orb (30 Kindred's Seals)






Dragonian Berzerker x 1




Dragonian Minstrel x 1





Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

One of:
Subduer (22.2%)
Dissector (30.2%)
Destroyers (24.5%)
Heart Snatcher (20.8%)
Zero to Two of:
Dragon Blood (0%)
Dragon Heart (17.6%)
Dragon Meat (17.6%)
Zero to One of:
Spear Strap (35.4%)
Sword Strap (16.5%)
Pole Grip (8.9%)
One of:
Minuet Earring (58.6%)
Adaman Ingot (18.4%)
Orichalcum Ingot (20.7%)
One of:
Sorrowful Harp (23.8%)
Attila's Earring (25%)
Durandal (22.5%)
Hoplites Harpe (27.5%)
One of:
Gold Ore (12.2%)
Reraiser (5.4%)
Mythril Ore (4.1%)
Demon Horn (8.1%)
Ebony Log (14.9%)
Wyvern Scales (5.4%)
Vile Elixir +1 (2.7%)
Mahogany Log (4.1%)
Coral Fragment (9.5%)
Petrified Log (10.8%)
Phoenix Feather (13.5%)
Platinum Ore (5.4%)
Ram Horn (1.4%)
Rainbow Cloth (1.4%)
Darksteel Ore (6.8%)
Hi-Reraiser (1.4%)
Raxa (13.5%)
One of:
Damascene Cloth (9.6%)
Damascus Ingot (2.7%)
Philosopher's Stone (16.4%)
Phoenix Feather (26%)
Malboro Fiber (9.6%)
Raxa (28.8%)
Beetle Blood (4.1%)


  • Both use Dragon special attacks.
  • Both are susceptible to: Sleep, Gravity, Bind.
  • Minstrel can be slept with Lullaby, but each time it is Lullabied the duration is reduced until it resists completely.
  • Many people recommend Ninja tanks for this BC, but if a kiting strategy is used for the Minstrel after killing the Berzerker, Paladin tanks do very well.
  • The Dragon's attacks are massively increased after they use their respective two hour, NOT, as some suggest, after one of the Dragons dies, thus it is irrelevant when either one is killed as long as it is killed quickly after its two hour. Note that a dragon might use its 2hour as early as 66% or higher.
  • Berserker uses: Mighty Strikes (War 2hr), Body Slam (Heavy AOE Damage), Chaos Blade (Cone AOE Curse), Heavy Stomp (Heavy AOE Damage + Paralyze)
  • Minstrel uses: Soul Voice, Army's Paeon V, Battlefield Elegy, Foe Requiem VI, Knight's Minne IV, Mage's Ballad II, Uncanny Etude, Swift Etude, Horde Lullaby, Chaos Blade (Cone AOE Curse), Thornsong (100~150 damage spikes effect), Voidsong (Large AOE Status negation), Lodesong (AOE Gravity)
  • Chaos Blade (Cone AOE Curse) effect gets stronger after they use their respective 2-hour. 50% HP/MP reduction pre-2 hour and 75% HP/MP reduction post-2 hour.Verification Needed The range for this ability seems to be 25'. Verification Needed It is possible to stun this move.

-It is possible for Blue Mage to learn Body Slam from the Berzerker in this fight.-


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