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Wide Scan

Command Overview[edit]

  • Description: Scans the area for monsters, revealing them on the map.
  • Wide Scan is available to all jobs and monipulators.
  • The starting range for all jobs is now equivalent to what was formerly the default range for rangers (the former Wide Scan II is now Wide Scan I).
  • For jobs other than Ranger and Beastmaster, this trait does not increase as players level up.
  • Rangers may scan the largest range at level 99, followed by beastmasters, then all other jobs.
  • Each upgrade of this trait increases the area of the scan.
  • Not all maps are to the same scale--you may appear to see a wider area on some maps, but this is due to a difference in scale.
Wide Scan
Other Jobs
Wide Scan I 1 1 1
Wide Scan II 20 40 -
Wide Scan III 40 60 -
Wide Scan IV 60 80 -
Wide Scan V 80 - -

Accessing Wide Scan[edit]

  • Wide scan can be accessed from the Map menu by selecting the Widescan button under Markers.
  • This loads a list of every monster in your widescan range, indicated by the red dots on the map.
  • Scrolling through the list displays crosshairs on the map, indicating exactly which red dot is the highlighted monster.


  • The wide scan list and position markers do not automatically refresh; you must close the map and reopen it for an updated view.
  • No details on the targets, other than their name and location, are shown on widescan.
  • Wide scan does not show many non-monster targets (in particular, Treasure Chests, Mining Points, Logging Points, ???s, etc.).
  • Wide scan does show Field Manuals, Grounds Tomes, Ergon Loci, and some other special targets.
  • Wide scan shows normal NPC locations, but not escort NPCs.

Remote Scan[edit]

  • There is a sub-option in the widescan interface called Remote Scan. This option can be used to limit widescan to a particular area of the map. For example, the widescan area of a level 60 Ranger is very large, making the list of monsters quite large and difficult to navigate. If you know the area of the map you wish to search, you can use remote scan to only show monsters in that area.
  • After selecting Remote Scan you can position the highlighted circle on the map to select the region you wish to have displayed in the widescan list. You can zoom in and out on the map to adjust the size of the remote scan area.
  • Remote Scan can only scan as far away as your Wide Scan is able to go, so you cannot scan the other side of the map if you can't normally see it with Wide Scan.

Using Tracking[edit]

  • Once you have a monster highlighted, selecting it gives you the option to Track it.
  • After selecting this and closing the map, you can see a small blue arrow on your compass pointing you in the direction of the monster you selected to track.
    • Unlike the wide scan list, this marker updates in real-time as you and the monster move.
  • With a tracked target, you can use the <scan> pronoun in commands and macros, for example: /pet "Fight" <scan>
This article uses material from the "Wide_Scan" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.