Scattered Shells, Scattered Mind

Start NPC Aladoverre - Abyssea - Vunkerl (E-7) (Western Encampment), near Conflux #08.
Requirements Abyssea Reputation 3
Items Needed Key ItemChipped Linkshell
Key ItemCracked Linkshell
Key ItemGrimy Linkshell
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes, after zoning.
Reward Black Earring Augment or Darkness Earring Augment

1200 Cruor (600 repeat)

Chance of:
Bale Seal: Feet DRK (???%)
Cirque Seal: Feet PUP (???%)
Estoqueur's Seal: Feet RDM (???%)
Sylvan Seal: Feet RNG (???%)


Abyssea - Vunkerl

At any given time, there are five ??? spots in the zone. They stay up for about 10 minutes with 10 seconds of downtime.

  • Veridical Conflux #08: Near the Helter-skelters (4 different spots)
  • Veridical Conflux #04: Near the Aestutaurs (4 different spots)
  • Veridical Conflux #06: Near the Peapuks (4 different spots)
  • The fourth ??? rotates between the following spots in this order:
    • Among the Speltercaps, slightly northeast of the encampment.
    • Near Martello VK-08 (E-8)
    • By the Devegetators (F-12) [On top of the eastern tree on map]
    • By the Russet Rarabs (F-13)
  • The last ??? rotates between the following spots in this order.
    • Near the Bastion site(I-9)
    • By the Morose Marids (I-8)
    • Just outside the gate by Conflux #03
    • By the Wily Opo-opos(H-7)

It does not matter which you check, but you cannot receive two key items from the same group.

Possible Augments[edit]

Game Description[edit]

Aladoverre - Abyssea - Vunkerl (E-7) (Western Encampment)
The resistance's supply of linkshells has dwindled to dangerously low levels. Retrieve three from the field before your addle-minded client forgets just what exactly he asked you for.
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