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Nestling in a natural harbor in the Buburimu Peninsula we find the port of Mhaura. A part of the Federation of Windurst, as evidenced by the Windurstian flag just inside the main entrance, the Tarutaru influence abounds. Thanks to the Governor, Mhaura boasts Guild shops from both the Goldsmiths' and Blacksmiths' Guilds

The port has a few small fishing boats, and a very busy ferry schedule, with sea routes to both Selbina and Aht Urhgan Whitegate. The warehouse is overflowing with goods, and merchants abound.

Most of the Mhauran architecture consists of excavations into the walls of the cliffs surrounding the port. There is little actual construction per se, and the small doors conceal the size of the dwellings and businesses behind them. From the outside, there is little to see, but inside gives no sense of being in a cave.


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