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The very epitomy of "a den of thieves", Norg is a place of castaways and strange secrets. Much of the goods provided through the Tenshodo comes through Norg, as does much of the Eastern Martial Arts training and equipment.

Despite being in a cave, this is in fact one of the busiest ports in Vana'diel, with new shiploads of merchandise arriving every few minutes! The preponderance of goods in this remote location indicates the wealth centered here. Many purveyors choose to sell from their freshly opened chests of goods rather than setting up a fixed "shop". This haphazard system makes classification rather difficult!

The area is divided in 4 groups, so this is the manner in which they are presented here:


This is the North Western area of the town, which includes the Auction House, Item Deliverers, Nomad Moogles and other related NPCs.


The 'main' area of town, this area includes many of the shops in town, as well as representatives of the Tenshodo, Chocobo Renters, as well as many of the Quest NPCs.


As the name would indicate, this area is the Pirate's relaxation area. It also includes the Captain's quarters. Adventurers should tread lightly here, at the risk of finding out where the term "cut-throat" came from!


This heavily guarded area leads to the shipping docks. Given the tight security, this reporter was unable to glean more information, but conjecture would lead us to believe that at least some of the ships coming in are involved in the raids on the Selbina-Mhaura ferries, while others undoubtedly come from the far eastern and southern lands!

Conjecture aside, this port offers goods that are available nowhere else in Vana'diel, which makes it all the more attractive for a visit, despite the unfriendly welcome!


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