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Making a Mockery

Type: ISNM
Zone: Jade Sepulcher
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Item Required: Confidential Imperial Order (2000 Imperial Standing)






Mocking Colibri x 1




Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Zero to One of:
Immortal's Cape (???%)
Deadeye Gloves (???%)
Leech Scimitar (???%)
Pirate's Earring (???%)

One of:
Agility Potion (???%)
Vitality Potion (???%)
Strength Potion (???%)
Dexterity Potion (???%)
One of:
Platinum Ore (???%)
Darksteel Ore (???%)
Adaman Ore (???%)
Orichalcum Ore (???%)
Demon Horn (???%)
Zero to One of:
Darksteel Ore (???%)
Aluminum Sheet (???%)
Iyo Scale (???%)
Mythril Coil (???%)
Demon Horn (???%)
Moblinweave (???%)
One of:
Scroll of Aero IV (???%)
Scroll of Maiden's Virelai (???%)
Scroll of Carnage Elegy (???%)
Scroll of Flare (???%)
Scroll of Flood (???%)
Scroll of Tornado (???%)
Dark Spirit Pact (???%)
Light Spirit Pact (???%)
Accelerator II (???%)
Loudspeaker II (???%)
Stabilizer II (???%)
One of:
Glass Sheet (???%)
Homunculus Nerves (???%)
Polyflan (???%)
Petrified Log (???%)
All of:
Chocobo Egg (Little Warm) (100%)
Colibri Feather (100%)


  • Normal Colibri attacks, and will reflect magic like other Colibri.
  • Uses a unique move called Wisecrack, which does a charmga effect on party members within range.
  • Will become unclaimed and regen if all party members are charmed. All status effects will also be removed, such as DoTs like Bio and Dia.
  • Is weak to ice based attacks.
  • Summoner Blood Pacts and blue magic are not affected by the Colibri's magical reflection ability, it can be an effective method to damage him.
  • If any members are out of range of the charm when it occurs, the party members affected will make a beeline towards the person with the next most hate built up, regardless of whether they stay out of normal agro range or not. This makes mages very susceptible to getting beaten down by their own comrades. Recommended that all party members stay in range of charm to prevent unnecessary deaths, or have a kiting plan worked out to prevent regen.
  • Recommended to have the next-in-line-beat-down for hate be an Avatar (Shiva) or BST Jug Pet. For Avatars be sure to have them out at all times as to build up before the Charm seeing as how they are completely unaffected by it.


This article uses material from the "Making_a_Mockery" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.