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Happy Caster

Type: ISNM
Zone: Navukgo Execution Chamber
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Item Required: Secret Imperial Order (3000 Imperial Standing)






Two-Faced Flan x 1


Black Mage



Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Zero to One of:
Wardancer (4.4%)
Crude Sword (8.9%)
Mensur Epee (3.3%)
Arakan Samue (6.7%)
Two of:
Merrow Scale (19.2%)
Khroma Ore (21.4%)
Ahriman Wing (38.5%)
Rainbow Cloth (5.8%)
Karakul Cloth (3.8%)
Raxa (0%)
Dragon Talon (23.1%)
Behemoth Horn (48.1%)
Buffalo Horn (1.9%)
Luminium Ore (13.5%)
Wamoura Cloth (1.9%)
Sieglinde Putty (9.6%)
Brass Tank (26.9%)
Urushi (1.9%)
Habu Skin (5.8%)
Red Grass Cloth (1.9%)
One of:
Scroll of Water IV (7.7%)
Scroll of Blizzard IV (18.6%)
Scroll of Protectra IV (13.5%)
Scroll of Dispel (7.7%)
Scroll of Erase (9.6%)
Scroll of Protect IV (17.3%)
Scroll of Reraise III (13.5%)
Scroll of Quake (9.6%)
One of:
Intelligence Potion (28.8%)
Mind Potion (28.8%)
Charisma Potion (28.8%)
Icarus Wing (9.6%)
All of:
Chocobo Egg (Somewhat Warm) (100%)
Flan Meat (100%)


  • Two Faced Flan casts tier IV and tier III -ga magic as well as Bindga and Sleepga II and has very high Intelligence and possibly a magic attack bonus.
  • It is possible to silence. Elemental seal silence seems to stick the majority of the time. Resists non-elemental seal silences more than 50% of the time though. A white mage was capable of sticking a non-elemental seal silence on it (very rare). A DNC using Stutter Step greatly improves Silence's landing rate.
  • The flan also uses Amorphic Spikes, which does moderate damage in 5 hits, and Amorphic Scythe which seems to do damage proportional to current HP, and was blinkable.
  • It also uses Boiling Point, which inflicts a Magic Def. Down that should be erased immediately, as it can cause the flan's spells to deal in excess of two thousand damage, enough to one-shot a fully-healed Elvaan Monk at level 75. This move is an AOE cone infront of the Flan.
  • The flan also will use Xenoglossia, which will cause its next spell to be insta-cast. Xenoglossia did not seem to be dispellable.
  • The flan moves very slowly. It can be gravitied. However, kiting is made difficult by the shape of the BC. Use caution if employing this tactic and be careful not to be caught at the ends of the ramp unable to get out of range. It can however be kited back and forth down the center pathway to a decent effect. It can be bound easily.
  • Attacking at full power and finishing the fight quickly may be in your best interest, as the flan has only between 10,000 and 15,000 hp. However, be sure your party is ready to take some hits, a WHM is recommended. Also take care that your attack is not interrupted by Sleepga II or Bindga, and be ready to remove either status.
  • Unlike other members of the Flans family, Two-Faced Flan is not vulnerable to magic damage. He has a natural MDB (~50%?) which cannot be dispelled.
  • Buffs do not wear upon entering.


This article uses material from the "Happy_Caster" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.