Happy Caster/Strategies

Having a BLU/NIN dual wielding swords for this ISNM sure helps. Main task is to stun (Head Butt) the flan everytime it is possible and to interrupt the Tier III and IV -ga spells. As a bonus Head Butt is doing good damage for the amount of MP it takes.

  • Keep shadows up at all times (all party members who can, not just the BLU/NIN).
  • Before entering, buff all party members with Stoneskin (Diamondhide) and Hastega (Diffusion - Refueling).
  • Whenever you have 100 TP, set off a Light self skill chain (Chain Affinity - Savage Blade - Cannonball, enhanced with Cocoon). This seemed to do a nice chunk of damage each time. You should have sufficient time to do two skill chains.
  • Forget about all other BLU magic, except perhaps Magic Fruit to keep the tank alive if you can spare the MP. Focus on stunning with Head Butt.
  • A WHM (or at least /WHM) is imperative for this ISNM for Curaga whenever the flan uses Sleepga II (which it does often).
  • Make sure all party members have Reraise on (and don't expect your tank to live through the entire battle :).
  • Our static got 5 victories in a row with only a 5 member party setup (PLD/WHM, BLU/NIN, WHM/SMN, COR/NIN and NIN/WAR). Fights lasted about 6-8 minutes. --Demetress 23:52, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

Low man Manaburn[edit]

Saw discussions about Manaburn is not possible. THAT IS ABSOLUTE NOT TRUE.

  • Very very easy doable with RDM/DRK, BLM/RDM, BRD/WHM(Relic).
  • Useing normal kiting strategy
  • Keep Gravity, Poison II, Bio II(or atleast 4/5 merited BioIII) on all the time. BLM can cast Burn on him too.
  • BRD does Ice/Thunder Threnody.
  • RDM and BLM share on Stun Aga, if non is Up person with hate just run out of range.
  • Bind the Mob whenever it is up or need to rest a bit, Bind + Stun him when you need to turn direction.
  • RDM Nukes did 170-290 DMG. (Decent Nukeing gear, Novio,Moldy,Ugga-pendant,AF2+1 Shoes, INT gear, HQ staffs)
  • Dont saw BLM dmg, but starting FreezeII/ThundagaIII's allways took ~4% hp of him
  • Fastest Run was 11 min with SV used cause it was our last run. 13-15 min average. Even without Relic Brd really easy in time.

Mindi 12:33, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

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