Dragon Talon

Dragon Talon


Dragon Talon
This dragon talon is large,
yet razor-sharp.

Other Uses[edit]

Resale Price: 1,843~1,947 gil

Synthesis Recipes[edit]


Used in Recipes[edit]

Desynthesis Recipes[edit]


Obtained from Desynthesis[edit]

  • None

How to Obtain[edit]

Auction House Category: Materials > Bonecraft ( )


Price: 19,800 gil
Name Location Guild
Green Thumb Moogle Mog Garden Standard Merchant
Requires Key ItemAbyssal Wyrm Memento

Dropped From[edit]

Name Level Zone
Ash Dragon (NM) 85 Ifrit's Cauldron
Fafnir (NM) 88-90 Dragon's Aery
Seiryu (NM) 88-90 Ru'Aun Gardens
Nidhogg (NM) 90 Dragon's Aery
Tiamat (NM) 95 Attohwa Chasm
Jormungand (NM) 95 Uleguerand Range
Vrtra (NM) 95 King Ranperre's Tomb


Name Level Cap Zone
Ouryu Cometh Level 75, 60 minutes, 18 members Riverne - Site A01


Name Level Cap Zone
Compliments to the Chef Level 75, 30 minutes, 6 members Talacca Cove
Shadows of the Mind Level 75, 30 minutes, 6 members Jade Sepulcher
Happy Caster Level 75, 30 minutes, 6 members Navukgo Execution Chamber

The Chocobo Hot and Cold Game[edit]

Zone Abundance
Jugner Forest More data needed.(1.7%)
Pashhow Marshlands Rare(5.5%)
Meriphataud Mountains More data needed.(6%)

Mog Garden[edit]

  • Mineral Vein Rank 5+ can reap Dragon Talons. approx. 1%
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